Overwatch 2 Mercy Guide: Abilities, Tips, How To Unlock

Overwatch 2 Mercy Guide: Abilities, Tips, How To Unlock
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19th Oct 2022 10:48

Mercy in Overwatch 2 is a major asset and can turn the tides of battle easily with her impressive healing abilities. However, she's much more than a character that brings back HP; she can also buff fellow players and revive them as well. Here's everything you need to know about Mercy in Overwatch 2

  • Want a more offensive support hero who can deal damage? Pick Zenyatta.

Overwatch 2 Mercy Guide: Abilities

Overwatch 2 Mercy Abilities
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Mercy is a huge benefit to her team with all manner of abilities at her disposal. Here's a breakdown of each one of them. 

Caduceus Staff

  • Type: Primary Fire and Secondary Fire
  • Effect: Mercy can either heal of buff her ally. The left click of the mouse brings back health for a friend on your team, and the right click increases an ally's attack power while firing. 

Caduceus Blaster

  • Type: Alt Fire
  • Effect: After pressing the 2 key on your keyboard, the staff will change to the blaster. This pistol has auto-fire and deals a slim amount of damage when compared to other guns in the game. Being offensive is not Mercy's strong suit.


  • Type: Ultimate
  • Effect: Mercy can fly in the air and all of her abilities are enhanced. For example, she can heal faster and the effect has further spread across multiple allies instead of just one. The same goes for the buff effect as well.


Guardian Angel 

  • Type: Ability
  • Effect: This ability allows you to fly to an ally who needs your assistance urgently. Press the jump key or button while using the ability to get a more forward motion. You can also press the crouch button while flying to get a vertical boost up in the air. 


  • Type: Ability
  • Effect: You can bring back a fallen teammate, but there's only a limited time before they respawn. Be quick with this ability. 

Angelic Descent

  • Type: Ability
  • Effect: Holding the jump key or button will have Mercy gracefully fall down to the ground rather than drop. 


  • Type: Passive
  • Effect: The generic support passive which automatically heals her will gain a boost with this ability.

With all of these abilities available, Mercy is a blessing for any team as long as you play as her correctly.

  • Want to play as a tank instead? We recommend Zarya, who can also protect her allies.

Overwatch 2 Mercy Guide: Early Tips

Mercy Buff Ability Overwatch 2
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Something to know right off the bat is that Mercy should be healing 95% of the time. With the Guardian Angel ability, you'll want to zip from hero to hero to heal them at their full strength. Damage-type heroes often get taken out first due to their lower HP, so make sure you're focusing on keeping them alive. 

Whenever an ultimate is activated and it focuses on damaging the enemy team, make sure you're buffing them as long as possible. If their HP is reduced to around 30-40%, however, get back to healing. Keep a vigilant eye on who needs help during these tense moments, and you should be golden.

While using the Resurrect ability, make sure it is safe to do so. It takes a few seconds to revive an ally, and if the area is surrounded by enemies, it's not a good idea to activate it. The cooldown times can be very long for this ability. 

You should also be keeping a watchful eye on the opposing damage-type heroes while using Mercy's ultimate Valkyrie. It can be a great way to heal or buff your time with this ultimate, but if you're easily seen in the sky, a precise attacker like Widowmaker or Soldier: 76 really could waste your efforts with a pinpoint shot. Try to stay always moving while using Valkyrie to avoid getting shot down. 

You should only use Caduceus Blaster when it's absolutely necessary. It's weak and won't be able to take out tanks or some damage heroes by itself. Only use it as a last resort if Mercy is alone or if there's a target others in the team are neglecting like Torbj√∂rn's turret. 

While healing others, try to perform this action around corners, not directly in front of the enemy team. You want to be as agile as possible while playing as Mercy as she'll often be the main target. Stay back behind Reinhardt's shields and other powerful tanks whenever possible. You can also buff and heal allies who work in the air like Pharah, who makes a strong partner for Mercy players. You'll both stay in the air and cause a tonne of damage from the sky.

  • Ana is also a strong choice for a support hero. Give her a try.

How To Unlock Mercy

Mercy Overwatch 2 Support
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As Tracer always says, "The world always needs heroes," and Mercy is one of the first you'll unlock in Overwatch 2. That's because she's already available as soon as you start the game. If you've owned Overwatch in the past on the same Blizzard account, she'll already been unlocked for you. If Overwatch 2 is your first experience, you can unlock all prior 35 characters and more extras by purchasing the Watchpoint Pack.

For more Overwatch 2 guides, keep reading GGRecon.

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