All Overwatch 2 Cosmic Crisis challenges & rewards

All Overwatch 2 Cosmic Crisis challenges & rewards
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Coleman Hamstead


15th Feb 2024 17:35

Overwatch 2 Season 9: Champions is in full swing, and one of the highlights is Cosmic Crisis. This brand-new co-op event is unlike anything we've ever seen in Overwatch 2, and with an Among Us-like gameplay twist, things can get interesting! Learn about the game's latest limited-time event and everything you can unlock by completing its associated challenges.

What is Cosmic Crisis?

The Cosmic Crisis event in-game on Overwatch 2
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Cosmic Crisis is a four-player co-op event available in Overwatch 2 for a limited time as part of Season 9: Champions. You and three others crash land beneath the ruins of Ecopoint: Antarctica and must work together to repair your ship and flee.

Every match of Cosmic Crisis features distinct co-op objectives and Mission Modifiers that rotate weekly. Additionally, one teammate in each match will be forced to make a difficult choice between staying loyal to the squad or betraying their allies and joining forces with the Ravager.

Solve the mystery of the Cosmic Crisis as Sigma, Roadhog, Soldier: 76, Mei, Torbjorn, Widowmaker, Lifeweaver, Moira, Ana, or Illari! Cosmic Crisis is available in Overwatch 2 until March 12, 2024

Challenges & rewards

Some of the Cosmic Crisis challenges in Overwatch 2
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To incentivise players to check out Cosmic Crisis, the event offers 18 challenges altogether, with even more rewards! Sprays, Voice Lines, Titles, and Battle Pass XP are just some of the goodies up for grabs. 

Challenge Task Reward
Cosmic Champion Complete 12 Cosmic Crisis event challenges Cosmic Ravager Name Card & 5,000 Battle Pass XP
Cosmic Crisis: Modified Master Win all Cosmic Crisis Modifiers Cosmic Ravager Player Title
Cosmic Crisis Fighter Win Cosmic Crisis on any difficulty Cosmic Ravager Spray
Hardened Cosmic Crisis Fighter Win Cosmic Crisis on Hard difficulty Cosmic Ravager Player Icon
Expert Cosmic Crisis Fighter Win Cosmic Crisis on Expert difficulty Mysteries of Creation Moira Voice Line
Legendary Cosmic Crisis Fighter Win Cosmic Crisis on Legendary difficulty Crisis Survivor Player Title
Cosmic Crisis: Missile Fighter Win Cosmic Crisis: Death from Above Cosmic Snack Spray
Cosmic Crisis: Molten Fighter Win Cosmic Crisis: Molten Cores Stop Rocking the Boat Torbjorn Voice Line
Cosmic Crisis: Thunderstorm Fighter Win Cosmic Crisis: Thunderstorm So Strange! Mei Voice Line
Not a Scratch Escape Antarctica without the dropship taking any damage Crash Site Spray & 2,500 Battle Pass XP
Call of the Ravager Give in to the Cosmic Ravager and win Cosmic Crisis Cold and Dark Sigma Voice Line
Loyal Agent Defy the Cosmic Ravager and win Cosmic Crisis The Dark Ana Voice Line
Against the Odds Win Cosmic Crisis after a teammate betrays you Wandering Off Illari Voice Line
Void Butcher Dismember three limbs on a Charger before destroying it Gross Roadhog Voice Line
Fight the Horrors Complete ten games. Wins grant double progress 2,500 Battle Pass XP
Survive the Antarctic Complete 20 games. Wins grant double progress 2,500 Battle Pass XP
Face the Void Complete 30 games. Wins grant double progress 2,500 Battle Pass XP
Break the Curse Complete 40 games. Wins grant double progress Ravager Sushi Weapon Charm & 2,500 Battle Pass XP

Will you help your teammates fix the dropship and escape together? Or will you go mad with power and give in to the Cosmic Ravager? Check out Cosmic Crisis in-game on Overwatch 2 right now!

Season 9 of Overwatch 2 has plenty more to offer! If cosmetics are on your mind, learn how to get the heart crosshair and unlock Jade and Golden Weapons. Check out our Overwatch 2 homepage to get your fix of Overwatch 2 news, guides, and features.

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