How to get Player Titles in Overwatch 2: Battle Pass, challenges & more

How to get Player Titles in Overwatch 2: Battle Pass, challenges & more
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13th Mar 2023 11:22

If you’ve been playing Overwatch 2 lately, you might have spotted that some players on the leaderboard have fancy Player Titles beneath their usernames. These are new unlockable cosmetic items in Overwatch 2 called Player Titles, and they can be used to make your profile stand out on the leaderboard.

However, unlocking new Player Titles can be a bit of a mystery for newcomers as they’re hidden away in a particular area of the Battle Pass. To learn more about how to get Player Titles in Overwatch 2, keep reading.

How to unlock new Player Titles in Overwatch 2 via the Battle Pass

Overwatch 2 Prestige Player Titles
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The most common way to unlock new Player Titles in Overwatch 2 is via the Battle Pass. However, you’ll need to play a fair amount of Overwatch in a season as they’re hidden away right at the end.

Once you reach level 80 of the Battle Pass, you’ll eventually unlock the ‘Prestige Tiers’. These go all the way from level 80 to level 200, with new Player Titles unlocking at certain intervals.

Only the most dedicated Overwatch 2 players will have the time to grind their way to level 200 in one season, so earning that top-tier Player Title is a sign of true commitment.

Unlock new Overwatch 2 Player Titles via challenges

If you don’t like the sound of grinding out the Battle Pass until the cows come home, then you can earn a few Player Titles by completing lifetime and competitive challenges.

Head to the challenges menu to see which ones you’re close to completing. These include feats such as winning 250 games as each of the three roles. If you main a certain role, chances are you’ve unlocked at least one new Player Titles for Overwatch 2 already.

How to equip new Player Titles in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 Player Titles
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To equip a new Player Title in Overwatch 2, simply head to your Career Profile in the top right corner of the screen. Then, click on Customization and select a Player Title from the subsequent menu.

You will now have your chosen Player Title displayed for all to see on the leaderboard when you load into a game.

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