How To Unlock Player Icons In Overwatch 2

How To Unlock Player Icons In Overwatch 2
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16th Jan 2023 16:54

Player icons in Overwatch 2 are also known as profile icons or avatars. These pictures in Overwatch 2 are attached to your profile and let you distinguish yourself from your friends online. To find out how you can unlock more player icons in Overwatch 2, read here.

How To Unlock Player Icons In Overwatch 2

The main way to unlock player icons in Overwatch 2 is by completing challenges and levelling up the battle pass. Through gameplay you should be able to accrue a collection of icons, you can also access your library of icons from the original Overwatch if you played the first game and had a collection there too.

One of the main criticisms of Overwatch 2 during its launch has been the lack of unlockable items. However, recently a new set of icons have become available although the method of unlocking these remains a mystery. The icons feature the silhouettes of iconic Overwatch characters, leading fans to speculate whether they will be tied to character-specific challenges.

This is combined with the fact that the game currently has a 'Hero' category on the challenge page which remains empty as of writing. Until Blizzard confirms, this is up for speculation, but it seems as though we may receive hero-specific challenges in the near season.

How To Equip Player Icons In Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2: Icons
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To change your player icon or equip one, you must follow these steps:

  • Launch Overwatch 2
  • Go into the main menu
  • Press 'Options'
  • Click 'Career Profile'
  • Click on the 'Customisation' tab
  • Choose the icon you wish to put onto your profile and select 'Equip'


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