All Overwatch 2 hero voice actors, from Ana to Zenyatta

All Overwatch 2 hero voice actors, from Ana to Zenyatta
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Every hero in Overwatch 2 has a unique personality, brought to life by the voice actors who give them their voices. Whether it's the heroic members of Overwatch or the villainous members of Talon, each character is expertly voiced and performed.

The voice actor cast grows longer with more and more heroes being added to the game, so we have collated the full list of performers into one list. From Ana to Zenyatta, here are all of the heroes in Overwatch 2 with their respective voice actors.

All hero voice actors in Overwatch 2

The cast of characters in Overwatch 2 is incredibly diverse. We have robots, sentient AI, and even archers to contend with in every match. Each has their own unique voice combined with the personality to make them truly special, and we have the full cast list with a few recognizable names to look over:

Ana: Aysha Selim

Ana is one of the founding members of Overwatch, and in-game she's a healer who can snipe teammates to restore their health. She's voiced by Aysha Selim.

Ana from Overwatch 2.
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Ashe: Jennifer Hale

Jennifer Hale is perhaps best known for voicing Commander Shepherd in Mass Effect 3, and in Overwatch 2 she reprises her role as Ashe, a gang leader with a big robot friend.

Baptiste: Benz Antoine

Baptiste is an elite combat medic and ex-Talon member. Benz Antoine, Baptiste's voice actor, has played characters in a wide variety of TV shows and films like Get Rich or Die Tryin' and Romeo Must Die, among others.

Bastion: Chris Metzen

Bastion, the robot with a bird for a best friend, is voiced by Chris Metzen, a game designer who actually worked on Overwatch and is well known for his influence in the development of World of Warcraft.

Brigitte: Matilda Smedius

Brigitte Lindholm is a Swedish support equipped with a flail and shield. Matilda Smedius is a relatively new voice actor who found fame for her role as Brigitte in the game.

Cassidy: Matthew Mercer

Matthew Mercer is known for Critical Role, as well as voicing characters in huge games like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. He voices the famous gunslinger Cole Cassidy in Overwatch 2.

D.Va: Charlet Chung

D.Va is an enthusiastic pro gamer who pilots a powerful mech in battle. She's voiced by Charlet Chung, who also has roles in Call of Duty and Grounded. from Overwatch 2.
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Doomfist: Sahr Ngaujah 

Doomfist is pretty self-explanatory - he has a huge fist that he uses to smash foes into oblivion. He's voiced by Sahr Ngaujah, a theater actor with roles in musicals like Fela! and Moulin Rouge!, but he also appeared in Luke Cage.

Echo: Jeannie Bolet

Jeannie Bolet, who plays the adaptive robot Echo in Overwatch, also has roles in games like Quantum Break, Cyberpunk 2077 and World of Warcraft.

Genji: Gaku Space

The cybernetic ninja Genji Shimada is one of Overwatch's most iconic characters, and in-game he's voiced by Gaku Space, an actor with roles in How I Met Your Mother and Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist, among other things.

Genji from Overwatch 2
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Hanzo: Paul Nakauchi

Hanzo is a skilled assassin with a bow, and he's one of Overwatch's hardest characters to master. Outside of Overwatch, voice actor Paul Nakauchi is also known for his role as Shadowsan in Carmen Sandiego.

Illari: Andre Cisneros

Illari uses the power of the sun to deal with her enemies in Overwatch 2. Peruvian-American voice actor Andre Cisneros voices the character in the game.

Junker Queen: Leah de Niese

Junker Queen is a tank eqipped with an axe and an electromagnetic gauntlet. She's the leader of the Junkers, and she's voiced by Leah de Niese, an actor with roles in a variety of TV series.

Junkrat: Chris Parson

The explosives expert Junkrat is one of Overwatch's most chaotic characters. He's voiced by Chris Parson, an actor with roles in Family Guy, American Dad, The Cleveland Show and more. 

Junkrat from Overwatch 2
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Kiriko: Sally Amaki

Kiriko uses her "spiritual and ninja skills to heal her fractured city", and she was one of the first new characters to be added to Overwatch 2. She's voiced by Sally Amaki, a voice actress and singer who's a member of idol group 22/7.

Lifeweaver: Phuwin Tangsakyuen

Lifeweaver is a handsome healer in Overwatch 2, and he pull his enemies towards him to get them out of danger. Phuwin Tangsakyuen voices Lifeweaver, but he's also known for his roles in Thai series.

Lúcio: Jonny Cruz

Lúcio is one of Overwatch's most well-known healers. He's fun to play, as he can speed around and heal or speed up his team while jamming out to music. He's voiced by Jonny Cruz, who also appears in Need for Speed: Heat and shows like Prison Break and General Hospital.

Mauga: John Tui

Mauga is one of the newest heroes to enter Overwatch 2, and he's a Samoan warrior voiced by John Tui. Tui has also performed in The Hobbit, Solo: A Star Wars Story, Hobbs & Shaw and Power Rangers.

Mauga from Overwatch 2
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Mei: Elise Zhang

Mei is a cool character in Overwatch 2 - she can freeze enemies and create big walls of ice. Elise Zhang is a Chinese actress who plays Mei, and she also voices Symmetra in the Mandarin dub for the game.

Mercy: Lucie Pohl

Mercy is a scientist and healer from Switzerland. She's voiced by Lucie Pohl, a German-American actress and comedian.

Moira: Genevieve O’Reilly

Moira can switch between dealing damage and healing allies at will, making her a force to be reckoned with. She's voiced by Genevieve O'Reilly, an Irish actress known for her role as Mon Mothma in Star Wars films and shows like Revenge of the Sith, Andor and Rogue One.

Orisa: Cherrelle Skeete

Orisa is the protector of Numbani, a city in Africa, and she can become fortified to deflect damage. She's voiced by Cherrelle Skeete, a British actress with roles in Hanna, The Midwich Cuckoos and Black Cake.

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Pharah: Jen Cohn

Pharah is a soldier who can take to the sky and rain fire upon her enemies. She's voiced by Jen Cohn, who also played characters in Avatar: The Last Airbender and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Ramattra: Ramon Tikaram

Ramattra is the leader of Null Sector. In-game, he can create a deadly swarm to kill his enemies. His voice actor, Ramon Tikaram, is a British actor known for roles in EastEnders, Fortitude and This Life.

Reaper: Keith Ferguson

Reaper is everyone's favourite edgy boy in Overwatch, and he's voiced by Keith Ferguson - an actor known for roles like Bloo in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, a role that couldn't be further from his Overwatch performance. He also plays Lord Saladin in Destiny 2.

Reinhardt: Darin De Paul

Darin De Paul has voiced tons of characters from some of gaming's biggest franchises, whether it's Octane from Apex Legends, the Pilot in Halo Infinite or Overwatch 2's iconic tank Reinhardt.

Reinhardt from Overwatch 2
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Roadhog: Josh Petersdorf

Roadhog is one of Overwatch's most fun tanks, thanks to his hook that can yank enemies towards him for a quick kill. His voice actor Josh Petersdorf is also known for his role in the English dub of Aggretsuko, but he's contributed his voice to Fire Emblem Engage, League of Legends, Street Fighter V and more.

Sigma: Boris Hiestand 

Astrophysicist Sigma can control gravity and uses it to manipulate his enemies in battle. He's voiced by Boris Hiestand, an actor with roles in Guardians of the Galaxy, Harry Potter and Hotel Transylvania.

Soldier 76: Fred Tatasciore

Soldier 76 is one of the first characters many players will have played as in the original Overwatch. He's played by Fred Tatasciore, an experienced voice actor with roles in all kinds of series, including Marvel's What If...?, Kung Fu Panda 2, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and regular roles in Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland Show.

Sombra: Carolina Ravassa

Sombra is one of the most notorious hackers in the Overwatch world. She's voiced by Carolina Ravassa, an actor who also played Raze in VALORANT.

Sojourn: Cherise Boothe

Sojourn was one of the first new additions to the Overwatch cast when the sequel launched. Her voice actor, Cherise Boothe, is an award-winning actress who worked on Mortal Kombat 1, Diablo IV, Starfield and more.

Sojourn from Overwatch 2
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Symmetra: Anjali Bhimani

Symmetra can bend reality and craft sentry turrets and teleporters on the battlefield. Voice Actor Anjali Bhimani also voices Rampart in Apex Legends.

Torbjörn: Keith Silverstein

Torbjörn is an engineer who can build a turret to defend areas in the game. His voice actor, Keith Silverstein, is an experienced voice actor with roles like Vector the Crocodile in Sonic the Hedgehog and a wide range of other games and anime.

Tracer: Cara Theobold

Tracer is the mascot of Overwatch, and she can zip back and forth between locations in the game, confusing enemies (and me when I play as her). She's voiced by Cara Theobold, an English actress with roles in Downton Abbey and The Syndicate.

Venture: Valeria Rodriguez

Venture was added to the game as part of Season 10, with her voice work performed by Mexican actor Valeria Rodriguez. They have appeared in several other recent video games, including Genshin Impact, Honkai: Star Rail, and Lost Ark.

Widowmaker: Chloe Hollings

Widowmaker is a deadly sniper from France. She's voiced by Chloe Hollings, who's best known for her role in Overwatch but also appeared in Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

Winston: Crispin Freeman

Winston is a scientist and a genetically engineered gorilla. He's one of Overwatch's most recognisable characters, and he's voiced by Crispin Freeman.

Wrecking Ball: Jonathon Lipow

Wrecking Ball might be Overwatch 2's cutest character. He's a hamster mechanic who pilots a round mech in battle. He's voiced by Jonathan Lipow.

Wrecking Ball from Overwatch 2
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Zarya: Dolya Gavanski

Zarya, one of the strongest women in the world, is a tank who can create barriers and pull enemies into her gravity well. Her voice actor, Dolya Gavanski, also voiced in Company of Heroes 2 and directed films like Women's Day and 18% Grey.

Zenyatta: Feodor Chin

Feodor Chin voices Zenyatta, an omnic monk who wanders the world searching for enlightenment. Chin is also the voice of Lee Sin in League of Legends.

That’s all of the current voice actors in Overwatch 2. As more heroes get added to the game, I’ll be sure to update this list with all the details we know about the voice actors.

For more, head to our Overwatch 2 homepage where we have handy guides on hero pick rates, counter picks, and the competitive and battle pass changes coming in 2024.

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