Overwatch 2 Sigma: Abilities, Tips, How To Unlock

Overwatch 2 Sigma: Abilities, Tips, How To Unlock
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Overwatch 2 Sigma is a tank character and in the right hands, he can be extremely powerful. Overwatch 2 is here and has made some significant changes from the original. Sigma received some buffs in the transition to the new game, making an already very powerful hero even more so. Here is everything you need to know to play Overwatch 2 Sigma.

Overwatch 2 Sigma Abilities And Ultimate

Sigma using his barrier
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Sigma's powers revolve around his ability to manipulate gravity. This begins with his basic attack, the Hyperspheres. With these, Sigma fires two projectiles at once. The Hyperspheres travel around twenty metres and then they explode, damaging any enemy close enough. The projectiles will bounce off of surfaces, and explode on contact with enemies. Using the Hyperspheres can take some getting used to, but once you learn to manage the range and use walls and floors to bounce your shots, they can be very effective.

Sigma can follow up his Hyperspheres with his Accretion ability. This has Sigma form a ball of rocks and fire them forward. Hitting an enemy with it does a big chunk of damage and also knocks them down, making it great for interrupting enemy abilities and ultimates.

Sigma also has two defensive abilities. His Experimental Barrier is a shield that he can generate. Press the button to make it appear in front of you, hold the button to push it forward, and let it go to have the shield stay where it is. His other defence ability is Kinetic Grasp. When activated, this ability absorbs enemy projectiles for a few seconds, then converts that damage into a personal shield for Sigma.

Finally, Sigma's ultimate is Gravitic Flux. Activating this ability launches Sigma into the air, and gives you a circular targeting area on the ground. Choose an area and press the primary fire button (left click, right trigger) to activate Gravitic Flux. Any enemies in the circle are lifted into the air for a moment and then slammed back down.

Overwatch 2 Sigma Tips

Sigma using his ultimate, Gravitic Flux
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Sigma is widely considered to be one of the harder characters to learn in the game. While he is a tank, in the right scenarios Sigma can do massive amounts of damage. In the previous game, he was considered an off-tank due to his focus on damage, but in Overwatch 2 where there is only one tank per team, Sigma players need to use him more like a traditional tank. That said, his damage potential is still enormous and in the right hands, can carry a team to victory.

The keys to using Sigma effectively are mastering his main attack and chaining his various abilities. The Hyperspheres take a lot of getting used to, as charging in and firing them recklessly can often lead to your shots bouncing away and doing nothing. Maintaining the correct distance so as to ensure your shots explode close to enemies is key. The Hyperspheres also excel in small spaces, so remember to use their ability to ricochet off of surfaces to your advantage.


If you can master hitting your targets with Sigma's Hyperspheres, chaining them with his other abilities will turn you into a killing machine. Sigma can quickly transfer from firing his regular attack to his Accretion ability, doing huge damage and stunning opponents. Using his ultimate gives Sigma a clear shot at enemies while they are in the air, and again as they are stunned for a short duration after they hit the ground. The combination of activating Gravitic Flux, hitting two Hypersphere's in the air, slamming the opponent down, then hitting two more shots on the ground is enough damage to kill almost any DPS character and do huge damage to anyone else.

Sigma is an aggressive tank, great for leading an attacking team. Be sure to make regular use of his defensive abilities to keep yourself alive, and keep your damage up to keep the enemy's focus on you. His Experimental Shield can be used and reused relatively quickly, so be sure to move it to more advantageous positions whenever possible. Regardless, your main job as Sigma is to bully the other team into focusing on you, keep up the pressure and they will be forced to buckle.

Overwatch 2 Sigma: How To Unlock

Sigma in orbit around the Earth
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For new players coming to Overwatch 2, many of the heroes on the roster will need to be unlocked. Sigma is one of the characters that require some games played to unlock, so new players will have to put some time in to get him. Thankfully, the process is not complicated, it is simply time-consuming.

Each character that must be unlocked is acquired after completing a certain number of matches. These don't have to be wins, just games played. For Sigma specifically, you will need to play 40 matches to unlock him. That is no small amount of matches, but considering Sigma really isn't a beginner-friendly character, it makes some sense.

That is it for our Overwatch 2 Sigma guide, for more on the game check out some of our other hero explainers, like our Overwatch 2 D.Va guide.

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