Overwatch 2 Baptiste Guide: Abilities, Tips, How To Unlock

Overwatch 2 Baptiste Guide: Abilities, Tips, How To Unlock
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20th Oct 2022 14:53

The 36-year-old Haitian Baptiste is an excellent support hero in Overwatch 2 that provides exceptional defensive assistance. With his Biotic Launcher and Immortality Field, he can really be a big difference in every Overwatch 2 match. Here's an explanation of everything Baptiste has to offer.

Overwatch 2 Baptiste Guide: Abilities

Overwatch 2 Baptiste Abilities
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Baptiste is proficient at healing his allies and protecting them from fatal attacks. He can also jump high in the sky, which can help him get an overlook of the action. Here's every Baptiste ability you should consider in Overwatch 2.

Biotic Launcher

  • Type: Primary and Secondary Fire
  • Effect: The primary fire on the left mouse button is Baptiste's three-round burst fire gun. It's not as powerful as Soldier: 76's weapon but it can deal a decent amount of damage. It's better than Mercy's gun at least. The secondary fire has the gun sending a healing projectile that can heal multiple allies at once if they're in the vicinity of the blast.

Amplification Matrix

  • Type: Ultimate
  • Effect: This ultimate can turn the tides of a clash, especially if it's within a narrow space such as King's Row. It will send out a energy wall that will double the damage of any offensive projectile like Pharah's rockets if they pass through. It will also increase the healing rate from allies as well like Mercy's Caduceus Staff.


Regenerative Burst 

  • Type: Ability
  • Effect: This skill will give health to everyone around Baptiste, including himself. If someone is below half health, however, the effect is doubled. This will be essential in team fights. 

Immortality Field

  • Type: Ability
  • Effect: This ability is a game changer. Baptiste throws a device out that will prevent all allies within its area from dying. This would be useful against characters like D.Va, who has a deadly self-exploding ultimate. 

Exo Boots 

  • Type: Passive
  • Effect: If you hold crouch before jumping, Baptiste will leap into the air higher. 

With all these skills in mind, you should try to balance his offensive capabilities with defending your pals from certain doom. 

Overwatch 2 Baptiste Guide: Early Tips

Baptiste Overwatch 2 Immortality Field
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Baptiste has become one of the best support heroes in Overwatch 2. If you need more of an offensive edge against a tough team, he can provide some decent damage against them that may give your squad a slight edge with the three-round burst gun. 

However, don't focus just on the damage. Make sure you're supporting your team as well. Whenever you hear an ultimate getting activated by an opponent like Cassidy's Deadeye or Reaper's Death Blossom, use your Immortality Field immediately as that can protect your team from certain death. It's up to them to reach this gadget fast enough. 

The Amplification Matrix can be hard to time. If placed incorrectly and not in front of the enemy team, it will be next to worthless. Try to position the Amplification Matrix in a tight corridor or within an area where the opponents can't hide. Also, try to team it up with a great ultimate like Soldier:76's Tactical Visor, so the Amplification Matrix causes even more damage to your foes. It can demolish a team if you communicate effectively with your squad. 

If you see your team has really low HP across the board, activate Baptiste's Regenerative Burst as soon as possible. As we previously mentioned, it will double the healing for those who have less than half their health. 

How To Unlock Baptiste

Baptiste Overwatch 2
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Baptiste is one of the harder characters to unlock for free-to-play users of Overwatch 2. You'll need to complete at least 100 matches to get this Haitian healer. However, if you've already played the first Overwatch on the same account as you play Overwatch 2, he'll be instantly unlocked for you. Those free-to-play players who get tired of the grind can also get the Watchpoint Pack, which comes with 2,000 Overwatch Coins, the Season 1 Battle Pass, and most importantly all prior 35 characters from the original game. 

For more Overwatch 2 guides, keep reading GGRecon.

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