How to unlock competitive mode in Overwatch 2

How to unlock competitive mode in Overwatch 2
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11th Oct 2023 16:36

If you have yet to unlock competitive play in Overwatch 2, we can help break it down. Overwatch 2 does not allow new players to jump straight into competitive modes, there are steps that must be taken first.

The competitive play challenge is a test that players who are new to the game must pass in order to gain access. To get you there, here is everything you need to know about the competitive play challenge and how to unlock competitive mode in Overwatch 2.

How to unlock Competitive play in Overwatch 2 

The competitive option in the play menu in Overwatch 2
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To unlock Competitive play in Overwatch 2, new will need to meet some criteria. Any player who has created an account for the game on October 4 (launch day) or after will first need to go through the guided First Time User Experience (FTUE). This is a way of onboarding players by introducing them to the game and its systems gradually, meaning Competitive play is locked.

After finishing the FTUE, you will also need to complete the Competitive Play challenge, which requires you to win 50 Quick Play games. You can find this challenge and track your progress by selecting 'Challenges' from the main menu, then 'Competitive.' The challenge will likely take a bit of time, but it's for the benefit of newer players as it allows them to become familiar with maps, characters, and the various objectives in-game. 

We mentioned above that this only applies to players who created their accounts after OW2 was launched. If you were an Overwatch player previously and unlocked the Competitive mode, you won't need to go through this lengthy process.

In a blog post posted to the official Overwatch website before the game's launch, Blizzard stated, "this only affects accounts made on or after the October 4th release date: anyone who has Competitive unlocked prior will have access to Competitive in Overwatch 2."

That is it for our explainer on how to unlock competitive in Overwatch 2. For more, head to our Overwatch homepage for guides like all Overwatch 2 voice actors and how to enter custom game codes in Overwatch 2.

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