What's included in the Overwatch 2 Season 10 Battle Pass?

What's included in the Overwatch 2 Season 10 Battle Pass?
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17th Apr 2024 14:43


A new season of Overwatch 2 means a brand-new Battle Pass. Season 10's is being touted as one of the best Battle Passes yet, but do you think it lives up to the hype?

Let's review the game's latest Battle Pass, including a complete overview of all the goodies inside of it!

How to get the Season 10 Battle Pass

The Season 10 Battle Pass features plenty of free rewards, but if you want the premium version, you'll need to pay at least 1,000 Overwatch Coins (£8.39/$9.99).

Some of the Skins available in the Season 10 Battle Pass
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Alternatively, if you simply can't wait to unlock all the contents, you can purchase a bundle that automatically skips the first 20 tiers for 2,200 Overwatch Coins (£16.79/$19.99).

Finally, the Ultimate Battle Pass Bundle costs £34.99/$39.99 and includes the Premium Battle Pass, 20 tiers, the Fallen Knight Reinhardt and Arch-Commandant Amari Skins, and 2,000 Overwatch Coins.

Contents of the Season 10 Battle Pass

Free Rewards

Tier Reward
2 Vengeance Mercy Player Icon
5 250 Credits
7 Rosetta Venture Emote
10 200 Overwatch Coins
12 Mirrorwatch Overwatch Name Card
15 250 Credits
19 Talon Brigitte Player Icon
22 This Stinks Venture Voice Line
25 250 Credits
29 Wicked Aim Ana Spray
31 Buddy Bump Mei Emote
33 Be Whatever I Want Junkrat Emote
36 Rosetta Venture Victory Pose
40 Junker Genji Skin
42 Talon Shatter Reinhardt Sticker
45 250 Credits
49 200 Overwatch Coins
52 Commander Ogundimu Monument Spray
55 250 Credits
59 Hooked Widowmaker Victory Pose
62 Mirrorwatch Widowmaker Player Icon
64 Feline Schemes Brigitte Name Card
66 No Secrets Sombra Voice Line
69 Talon Mitzi Souvenir
70 Talon Brigitte Skin
73 No Matter Genji Voice Line
75 250 Credits
79 200 Overwatch Coins

Premium Rewards

Tier Reward
1 Strike Commander Doomfist Skin & Strike Commander Ogundimu Player Icon
3 Hand-Toes and Feet-Fingers Sigma Voiceline
4 Throne Junker Queen Victory Pose
6 Mirrorwatch Villains Name Card
8 Ten Mythic Prisms
9 Mercy and Vengeance Mercy Spray
11 Bookworm Lifeweaver Highlight Intro
12 Winton Souvenir
14 Got Your Back Mauga Voice Line
16 Styling Lucio Victory Pose
17 Overwatch Gauntlet Weapon Charm
18 Ten Mythic Prisms
20 Junker Symmetra Skin
21 Swagger Doomfist Emote
23 Talon's Pet Brigitte Spray
24 Agent Colomar Sombra Player Icon
26 Get Lost! Brigitte Voice Line
27 Longhorn Cassidy Name Card
28 Ten Mythic Prisms
30 Longhorn Cassidy Skin
32 Junkitech Spray
34 Junkertown Ninja Genji Name Card
35 250 Credits
37 Great Moira Voice Line
38 Ten Mythic Prisms
39 Scorpion Player Icon
41 Intimidation Doomfist Highlight Intro
43 Twisted Offering Moira Victory Pose
44 Junker Genji Player Icon
46 Agent Colomar Name Card
47 Junker Design Spray
48 Ten Mythic Prisms
50 Agent Colomar Sombra Skin
51 Talonmari Weapon Charm
53 Sit Down Orisa Voice Line
54 Mirrorwatch Talon Name Card
56 Talon Symmetra Player Icon
57 Sneaking Genji Emote
58 Ten Mythic Prisms
60 Scorpion Baptiste Skin
61 On the Scene Mercy Highlight Intro
63 Angel of Vengeance Mercy Spray
65 250 Credits
67 Antivirus Weapon Charm
68 Ten Mythic Prisms
71 Wing of Vengeance Weapon Charm
72 Talon Mitzi Player Icon
74 Mirrorwatch Heroes Name Card
76 Are You Finished? Mercy Voice Line
77 Detonator Junkrat Victory Pose
78 Ten Mythic Prisms
80 Captain Lacroix Widowmaker Skin & Captain Lacroix Player Icon & Boba Buddies Spray

Prestige Rewards

Tier Reward
85 Doppelganger Player Title
95 Hashimoto Goon Player Title
105 Talon Operative Player Title
115 Overwatch Agent Player Title
125 Scrapyard Artiste Player Title
155 Fallen Knight Player Title
175 Commander of Hope Player Title
200 Angel of Vengeance Player Title

How long do I have to complete it?

The Season 10 Battle Pass will expire on June 19, 2024, just over two months after the start of Season 10.

That concludes our roundup of the Season 10 Battle Pass for Overwatch 2. This Battle Pass features over 80 tiers of free and premium rewards, including brand-new Legendary Skins and the new in-game currency, Mythic Prisms, which you can use to unlock your favourite Mythic Hero Skins!

On top of all that, purchasing the premium version of the Season 10 Battle Pass will award you a season-long 20% XP boost. 

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While you're at it, learn more about the new limited-time mode debuting in Season 10, Mirrorwatch, and check out our Overwatch 2 homepage at GGRecon for more on the first-person shooter from Blizzard Entertainment!

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