How to play Hero Mastery in Overwatch 2

How to play Hero Mastery in Overwatch 2
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6th Sep 2023 11:13


On September 7, 2023, Overwatch 2 players can finally check out the long-awaited debut of Hero Mastery. After graduating from the Tutorial and the Firing Range, Hero Mastery is a final test to see if you have what it takes to compete in Overwatch 2. This primer details the team-based first-person shooter's latest gamemode and how to play it.

Overwatch 2 Hero Mastery: What is Hero Mastery?

One of Winston's Hero Mastery training courses
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Hero Mastery is a brand-new game mode in Overwatch 2. In Hero Mastery, players can hone their skills with individual heroes by completing training courses specially designed for specific heroes. These courses will familiarise you with the different abilities of Overwatch 2 heroes - all in a safe, controlled environment!

While Hero Mastery is single-player, you can still compete against your friends! Hero Mastery in Overwatch 2 features global leaderboards that showcase top performers across Hero Mastery.

How to play Hero Mastery in Overwatch 2

One of Mercy's Hero Mastery training courses
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To successfully navigate a training course in Hero Mastery, you will need to utilise the designated hero's entire kit.

Each course has primary objectives you must address. For example, when running Mercy's Hero Mastery training course, you'll be tasked with healing friendly bots. However, to maximise your score, you should also engage in activities on the side, like collecting Mastery Coins and destroying enemy bots.

As you progress through Hero Mastery, you will unlock higher-difficulty training courses. Each hero has access to multiple training courses, and each course is unique and offers something different.

To climb the Overwatch 2 Hero Mastery leaderboards, you must zoom through these training courses as fast as possible and achieve top-of-the-range Mastery Scores.

Overwatch 2 Hero Mastery: Heroes

One of Tracer's Hero Mastery training courses
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At the launch of Hero Mastery, there'll be a limited number of heroes available. But, additional heroes will get training courses of their own in future seasons of Overwatch 2. Below is a list of the heroes you will have at your disposal when Hero Mastery debuts on September 7, 2023:

  • Mercy
  • Reinhardt
  • Sojourn
  • Tracer
  • Winston

That's the gist of Hero Mastery in Overwatch 2. Whether you want to practise with heroes you don't usually play or simply test your prowess with your favourite heroes, Hero Mastery is the perfect game mode for it!

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