Overwatch 2 Hanzo Guide: Abilities, Tips, How To Unlock

Overwatch 2 Hanzo Guide: Abilities, Tips, How To Unlock
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26th Oct 2022 17:45

While running and gunning are always a preferred option in Overwatch 2, some players like to play as a hero that requires a little more skill and can take a step back on the battlefield. While many of the support characters offer this opportunity, sometimes you want to use someone who can pack a bit of an extra punch.

Hanzo is a perfect option for Overwatch 2 players looking to gain an advantage in battle from afar. Equipped with his trusty bow and arrow, players are able to pull off extraordinary trick shots and support their team from a more comfortable position. With such a diverse character, it can be harder to come to grips with his moveset. Thankfully, we have everything you need to know about Hanzo in Overwatch 2, including how to unlock and use him.

Overwatch 2 Hanzo Abilities

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With Hanzo’s bow and arrow being his main use of firepower in Overwatch 2, he understandably comes with a unique set of abilities. Whether you want to go for kills or simply support your team from the trenches, there’s something for everyone.

  • Storm Bow
    • Type - Primary Fire
    • Effect - Your trusty bow and arrow used to damage enemies. Charge up your shots to launch arrows further across the battlefield.
  • Storm Arrows
    • Type - Ability
    • Effect - Fire five arrows in a rapid succession, but at reduced damage.
  • Sonic Arrow
    • Type - Ability
    • Effect - Used as a sonar device to tag nearby enemies to the arrow’s location.
  • Lunge
    • Type - Ability
    • Effect - Gives you the ability to double jump, but needs to recharge before being able to do so again
  • Wall Climb
    • Type - Passive
    • Effect - Simply jump up walls to quickly scale and climb up them.
  • Dragonstrike
    • Type - Ultimate
    • Effect - Releases a deadly Dragon Spirit which moves in a spiral effect and massively damages any enemy it passes through.

As you can see, Hanzo in Overwatch 2 is best used from afar, but packs a powerful punch on his attacks that do land.

Overwatch 2 Hanzo Beginner Tips

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As reiterated, Hanzo is best served as remaining at the back of your team. While his damage output is considerably higher than others, he is also very easy to kill. With your Storm Bow, you can change up shots, and most of the time, a fully charged shot will reach exactly where you’re aiming. It’s a great method to take out enemies who are perched above the map laying down fire, or if you want to stand above and fire down from above.


If you do find enemies closing in on your position, Hanzo has a variety of abilities in Overwatch 2 to assist you. Firstly, your Storm Arrows ability can quickly decimate an incoming foe if you land all of your shots and is great as a last resort. If you’re still finding yourself in a tight spot, a mixture of Hanzo’s Lunge and Wall Climb abilities will allow you to quickly find an exit and retreat to safety.

You can also mix Hanzo’s Sonic Arrow into the fight. This is great from a distance, as it allows you to plan where your shots will be and see enemies behind cover. If you can communicate with your team, it’s also a great opportunity to converse and see if any members of your team have an Ultimate ability ready to go. Working together is the best way to utilize Hanzo’s Sonic Arrow.

After dealing a decent amount of damage, Hanzo’s Ultimate ability in Overwatch 2 will finally have powered up. Firing a Dragon Spirit into enemies is a great tactic to take out a group quickly, especially in objective-based game modes. It’s also worth using Hanzo’s Sonic Arrow beforehand to plan when and where to use your Dragonstrike ability. If you can maximize its effect, then you may be able to not only take out a full team but gain a considerable advantage in the match.

How To Unlock Hanzo In Overwatch 2

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In order to unlock Hanzo, you can grab her from the get-go if you played the original version of Overwatch. If this is your first rodeo, then purchasing the Watchpoint Pack for £34.99 / $39.99 in Overwatch 2 is a quick way of unlocking her, along with 34 other characters and a variety of skins and coins, along with the Season 1 Battle Pass. 

If you don’t want to dish out any extra cash, you can unlock Hanzo as part of the onboarding process but may take upwards of 100 games before he is finally unlocked.

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