Overwatch 2 Torbjorn Guide: Abilities, Tips, How To Unlock

Overwatch 2 Torbjorn Guide: Abilities, Tips, How To Unlock
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24th Oct 2022 10:12

Torbjorn is an original Overwatch character that still kicks butt to this day with his handy defence turret and multifaceted rivet gun. He's a great pal to have on your team, but there is some tactical knowledge you should have equipped before going into battle. Here's how to play as Torbjorn in Overwatch 2

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Overwatch 2 Torbjorn Guide: Abilities

Torbjorn Overwatch 2 Abilities
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Good ol' Torb has a bunch of abilities at his disposal including his Forge Hammer, Rivet Gun, and above all his molten slag that can burn enemies in front of him. Here's a breakdown of all of Torbyorn's abilities in Overwatch 2 and what they do.

Rivet Gun

  • Type: Primary and Secondary Fire
  • Effect: The primary fire releases a slow plume of fire that is released toward the enemy; it can be used against long-ranged enemies and can deal a decent amount of damage. The secondary fire of the Rivet Gun is less accurate but more powerful overall. We recommend using the secondary fire if you have a hero like Reinhardt right up to your face in combat. 

Forge Hammer

  • Type: Weapon/Tool
  • Effect: You can switch the Rivet Gun to the Forge Hammer by using the scroll wheel on your mouse. With the hammer equipped, you can repair your slightly broken turret or strike an enemy with it. 

Molten Core

  • Type: Ultimate
  • Effect: From the plumes of magma from Torbjorn's gun, you'll release pools of fire onto the ground. It will deal extra damage to those who have armour on. It's a good way to cover an objective entirely and have them back off the point.


Deploy Turret 

  • Type: Ability
  • Effect: A turret is placed down in front of Torbjorn. It can dish out a tonne of damage towards foes that are in its vicinity. It's Torb's main tool to damage opponents so look after it carefully.


  • Type: Ability
  • Effect: Torbjorn will gain extra health alongside additional damage and movement. His reload speed will go up as well. This effect lasts only for a few seconds before you can use it again. It's great for pushing objectives on the map.

While playing as Torbjorn, we recommend staying in the squad's backline. He can dish out a lot of damage but it's mostly from his turret and Molten Core ultimate.

Overwatch 2 Torbjorn Guide: Early Tips

Torbjorn Overwatch 2 Turret
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Despite Torbjorn being a damage-class hero, he's best at defending each objective. Place turrets around unexpected areas rather than directly in front of the enemy squad. For example, there's a shop on the left side of King's Row's main street that can outwit opponents coming through the main passage. 

You should also place Torbjorn's turret in hard-to-reach spots that are elevated and make for a hard target. In the Hollywood stage, there's an elevator to the bottom left of the first objective. Putting in a turret at that location would be a genius move against those trying to take the point. It would be an amazing way to take out an annoying Pharah player in the air.

While using the Molten Core, save this ultimate for when the enemy squad is tightly packed and once activated, spread the magma to as much of a surface area as possible. With luck, you'll take out all five heroes on the opposing team at once. You may want to use the Overload ability to confirm the destruction and take out everyone the eye can see. 

The Rivet Gun can be challenging to aim with. Make sure while using this weapon that you account for a drop in altitude. The trajectory goes straight and then it slowly falls down. Make sure you get a good aim at the enemy's head while aiming down your sights.

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How To Unlock Torbjorn

Torbjorn Overwatch 2 Unlock
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Torbjorn is thankfully one of the first heroes you can play in Overwatch 2 alongside the likes of Orisa and Mercy. However, if you want all prior 35 characters from the original game, you may want to consider getting the Watchpoint Pack. In addition to all of the 35 characters in the game, you'll also get 2,000 Overwatch Coins and the Season 1 Battle Pass.

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