Overwatch 2 Venture weapons, abilities, ultimate & how to play

Overwatch 2 Venture weapons, abilities, ultimate & how to play
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Joshua Boyles & Harry Boulton

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27th Mar 2024 17:13

Venture is the new DPS Hero arriving in Overwatch 2's tenth Season, and they're bringing a wide selection of new weapons, abilities, and ultimates to the battlefield.

You'll be able to drill yourself to victory in-game with these earth-shaping abilities, dealing heavy damage and becoming a nuisance that the enemy team will definitely feel.

What is Venture's weapon?

Image of Venture's Smart Excavator in Overwatch 2
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You'll be able to wield the Smart Excavator when playing as Venture, which launches a seismic charge that bursts after a short distance.

This comes counter to many of the weapon's other drill-based abilities, giving you the flexibility of range as opposed to the melee nature that you might expect. Venture is a DPS hero after all, so having a variety of damage sources helps them stay competitive on the ground.

From what I can tell this weapon is projectile, so you will have to be predictive when aiming and lead your shots. The close-range nature of the burst shouldn't make this too hard though, so it's then up to you to get up in your opponent's face.

All Venture abilities

  • Burrow
    • Move underground and become invulnerable, emerging to deal damage
  • Drill Dash
    • Dash forward, pushing enemies back

Both of Venture's abilities look to be super strong and likely to disrupt even the most defensive of formations.

Image of Venture's Burrow in Overwatch 2
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Burrow is almost the reverse of Doomfist's Ultimate ability, as Venture drills into the ground and becomes invulnerable. I can see this being very strong when trying to break through a bunker defence - although your position is visible at all times so it's not quite as sneaky as you might hope.

Image of Venture's Drill Dash in Overwatch 2
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Drill Dash, on the other hand, is a bit of a dual-purpose ability - giving you the power to displace targeted enemies but also get out of the way or create new movement opportunities. This should help keep Venture mobile, which is always a key factor in a DPS' success.


  • Explorer's Resolve
    • Using abilities grants temporary shields
  • Clobber
    • Quick melee deals more damage

Venture also has access to two Passive Abilities to help them out. The first of which is Explorer's Resolve, which once again brings them, once again, in line with Doomfist, as you'll gain shields whenever you use abilities. This can make Venture a real pain to take down if the person using them gets in a rhythm - so make sure to take advantage of this when playing.

The other Passive is Clobber, which increases melee damage. This is understandable considering the thing you hit with is a giant drill, but it's super helpful nonetheless.

Venture's Ultimate Ability explained

Tectonic Shock is the new Ultimate Ability you'll be able to take advantage of with Venture, and it sends out damaging shockwaves that travel through the ground.

Image of Venture's Tectonic Shock in Overwatch 2
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This looks to be similar to Reinhardt's Earthshatter ability, but dealing damage instead of sending enemies to the ground. It is unclear so far how this will interact with shields, but I can imagine it will be incredibly strong if used correctly.

How to play Venture in Overwatch 2

Venture will become available in the game on March 28 through a limited-time trial, so make sure to pick them up and try them out to see what you think before the time runs out!

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