What does DPS mean in Overwatch 2?

What does DPS mean in Overwatch 2?
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24th Apr 2023 18:36

It is no secret that Overwatch 2 has a large roster of diverse and unique characters, which is only going to grow with each passing season. With current plans focusing on growing the tank and support rosters, there are still plenty of DPS characters to choose from. But what does DPS mean exactly in Overwatch 2? Here, we'll break down what DPS is in Overwatch 2 and which heroes fall into that role.

What does DPS mean in Overwatch 2?

Overwatch characters Widowmaker on the left, Sojourn centre and Sombra on the right
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In essence, DPS stands broadly for damage per second. This means that these characters will usually have a higher output of damage, mostly focusing on attacking and leading the charge to the objective.

While tanks will be spending their time defending their teammates and absorbing the bulk of the damage and support heroes will be attempting to keep everyone fully healed, DPS characters will be the main driving force of the team and usually racking up their kill count.

Which characters are DPS heroes in Overwatch 2?

While some players would like to think of Moira as a DPS character, she does still fall into the support category when she's not draining the enemy's health and throwing out damage orbs.

So, when it comes to DPS heroes, players have a lot to choose from. Each character in the assault role has a different speciality catered to your play style.

If you prefer close and methodical combat, Reaper may be the way to go with a shotgun in each hand and the ability to teleport. If you prefer sniping from a backline position, Widowmaker or Ashe may be for you. Or, if you prefer a more tactical approach, you can look to characters like Torbj√∂rn or Symmetra who can place turrets in strategic positions to divert the enemy team's focus and still deal some serious damage.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to DPS characters in Overwatch 2 and there is surely plenty more to come in future updates.

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