Overwatch 2 Ashe Guide: Abilities, Tips, How To Unlock

Overwatch 2 Ashe Guide: Abilities, Tips, How To Unlock
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24th Oct 2022 10:31

Ashe is even more badass than Cassidy; she has a shotgun, a semi-auto rifle, and a big, bad friend named Bob. Here's how to play as her in Overwatch 2and how to tip the scales in your favour during battle. 

Overwatch 2 Ashe Guide: Abilities

Ashe Overwatch 2 Abilities
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Ashe has all manner of abilities at her disposal, including different sights, firing styles, and of course her dynamite. Here's everything she can perform in Overwatch 2:

The Viper

  • Type: Primary Fire
  • Effect: Attacking with just the left mouse button will have Ashe fire her semi-automatic gun in a fast manner. However, if you hold down the right mouse button, you'll gain a sight that lets you zoom in and take down enemies with further accuracy. The problem is that the rate of fire is dramatically slowed down. 


  • Type: Ultimate
  • Effect: This robot companion for Ashe, B.O.B. charges opponents with his massive frame once summoned and slings them into the air. Afterwards, he'll attack foes with his powerful arm cannons. He can be a big problem for enemy teams during vital skirmishes.


Coach Gun 

  • Type: Ability
  • Effect: This shotgun can be used to hit opponents with a brutal frontal attack. However, it will cause a knockback effect for you and your opponent. 


  • Type: Ability
  • Effect: This damaging projectile can be sent towards opponents and laid on the ground. You can shoot it to make it explode immediately or it will automatically activate. 

Ashe is someone to be threatened by. She has many tools in her arsenal that can tip the scales towards her team.

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Overwatch 2 Ashe Guide: Early Tips

Ashe Overwatch 2 Scope
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Ashe is a sniper that isn't as mobile as Widowmaker, but she can be just as effective in battle as her. The Viper, for example, is decent at short-range combat but excels in long-range situations. In short-range, you can tap the left mouse button as fast as you can towards your opponents and if your aim is accurate (especially towards the head), you'll succeed. 

However, zooming in for shots will have increased damage and accuracy. Sniping is Ashe's main function and should be in the back of the frontline. A fun fact about the sniping is that Blizzard received feedback from one of the Call of Duty teams for her shooting style. 

The Coach Gun is a multi-faceted tool for Ashe. You can blast enemies with it, for sure, but it can also be utilized as a platforming assist. Jump in the air, aim the coach gun down, and then you'll get a boost in the air. You can gain access to better shooting angles with this tip, and in some cases, get closer to Pharah, who you can shoot down from the sky.

Additionally, the Coach Gun is also a great knockback tool. For example, if you wanted to knock away Mercy or Ana from healing their allies, into the abyss below, you can do that. This strategy would work perfectly in Ilios. 

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How To Unlock Ashe

Ashe Overwatch 2 Unlock
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The leader of the Deadlock Gang Ashe can be unlocked by finishing 50 matches in Overwatch 2 if you're a free-to-play player. However, you'll instantly unlock this criminal if you have played Overwatch already on the same account. Additionally, you can get the Watchpoint Pack, which includes all 35 prior characters from the first entry, 2,000 Overwatch Coins, and the Season 1 Battle Pass.

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