Overwatch 2: Best Tank Heroes

Overwatch 2: Best Tank Heroes
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Chris Penwell


10th Oct 2022 11:33

The tank is arguably one of the best and most important positions in Overwatch 2. As the DPS heroes are sending bullets flying, the tank is commonly the one that is blocking incoming fire. It can be a demanding role in Overwatch 2, but if done correctly, your team will likely succeed. Here are the best tank heroes in Overwatch 2, so you can keep getting those W's. 

Best Defender: Reinhardt

Reinhardt Overwatch 2 Tank
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Reinhardt is the most effective at keeping his party healthy. His Barrier Field can take on up to 1,200 damage and can defend others from terrifying ultimates like Pharah's rocket barrage and Cassidy's Deadeye, which targets multiple people at once. Reinhardt can also apply heavy pressure on an opposing force. His hammer swings sweep wide and his charge allows him to take out key targets in one blow. Choosing to defend or attack can be a tricky juggling act for Reinhardt, but he is proficient in both. 


Best Crowd Control: Orisa

Orisa Overwatch 2
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Orisa is overpowered in Overwatch 2 as of the time of writing. She was reworked for Overwatch 2. Her hard armour prevents the likes of Reinhardt from charging her and she has a lot of HP that players have to deal with, especially when she fortifies herself. In Overwatch 2, Orisa also has a javelin that can be thrown to stun enemies in front of her.

Orisa's ultimate Terra Surge is also a scary move as it fortifies her body and increases damage around her team. She then slams down the attack to the ground for some devastating AoE damage. Orisa is probably the best tank in the team right now as she can protect her allies proficiently and can cause good damage overall. Tracer with her low 150 HP has no chance. 

Best Overall: D.Va

Overwatch D.Va Best Tank Heroes
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Last up is D.Va, the best all-around tank in Overwatch 2. She has high manoeuvrability with the ability to fly anywhere on the map. She can take out snipers like Widowmaker and Ashe from the back due to how fast she moves, in addition to protecting fellow players with her Defense Matrix ability. She can deal out a decent amount of damage, especially in close range, with her Fusion Cannons and with the power of her chargers, she can push people out of the way. Her ultimate is also one of the most deadly in Overwatch 2.

Just like the first entry, she can self-destruct her robot which can potentially cause a team kill. It can be hard to avoid in open spaces, and D.Va with this ultimate is someone to be weary of if you're her opponent, especially if you're playing as the slow Bastion.

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