How to unlock Jade & Golden weapons in Overwatch 2

How to unlock Jade & Golden weapons in Overwatch 2
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14th Feb 2024 16:36

In Season 9 of Overwatch 2, Blizzard has provided additional ranked rewards in the form of Jade weapon skins to accompany the existing Golden ones, and how you earn and unlock them has changed too.

Overwatch 2 was a surprise sequel of sorts, with many expecting it to fail, but despite some issues, the game has gone on to attract a consistent playerbase that's seen eight full seasons of content so far.

The new legendary weapon skins have caused plenty of controversy in the community, but it's clear that the changes to competitive and its rewards are here to stay.

How to get Jade weapons

Starting with Season 9, you can purchase Jade weapon skins for 3,000C CP. However, they must be Competitive Points that you've earned from completing matches during the 2024 competitive season, so any matches from Season 9 until January 2025.

Overwatch 2 Jade weapons graphic
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As the ranked mode has been rebalanced, you earn CP by just playingWhile you actually earn a little bit less CP per win, this is balanced out by a new system that rewards players with 100 CP for every ten wins, or thirty draws/losses in a season.

These guns are part of an initiative to start introducing more competitive mode rewards from Season 9 onwards, although Blizzard hasn't given any further details other than what I've described above.

This begs the question, how on earth do you unlock Gold weapons in Overwatch 2 these days?

Can you get new Golden weapons right now?

Overwatch 2 menu graphic explaining the difference between Competitive Points and Legacy Competitive Points
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Golden weapons can only be purchased using 3,000 Legacy Competitive Points, which are points that you might have earned in previous seasons of Overwatch 2. As such, if you don't have enough Legacy Competitive Points in your account right now, it's currently impossible to purchase new Golden weapons.

Golden and Jade weapon skins now operate on a rotation basis. In January 2025, Blizzard will make Golden weapons purchaseable once more, and Jade weapons will require the Legacy Competitive Points currency.

I find it all a little convoluted, personally, and don't see why players can't be trusted to purchase the legendary weapon skin that they prefer, whether that be Golden or Jade. Nevertheless, we're stuck with the decision of Blizzard for now.

If anything changes regarding how players can unlock new Jade and Golden weapons in Overwatch 2, I'll be sure to update this article.

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