What is Aim Assist Legacy mode in Overwatch 2?

What is Aim Assist Legacy mode in Overwatch 2?
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Jacob Woodward


9th Jun 2023 17:06

While not a fully-fledged sequel per se, Overwatch 2 still builds upon the first iteration of this hero shooter and creates a more refined experience for all of those that wanted an extension of the base Overwatch game.

This means that there are more settings to be tweaked than ever before, allowing you to tailor the experience to your exact needs and requirements.

One setting specifically that a bunch of players are looking for more information on is Aim Assist Legacy mode as there’s no real explanation as to what it does and how it affects you in-game.

Below, we’ll explain this fully for you so you're aware of what to expect when you enable or disable this new setting.

Overwatch 2 Aim Assist Legacy Mode explained

overwatch 2 aim assist legacy mode
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For those who are delving into the settings on controller to fine-tune that aim to get it as tight as possible, exploring the advanced options within the menus is always going to be the way to go.

As previously stated, there is an option called Aim Assist Legacy and this one is something that is in contention throughout the community, as some believe that it's the answer to console aiming troubles, whereas others think it completely throws it off.

To put it as simply as we can, Aim Assist Legacy mode reverts the new aim assist feel that has been introduced with Overwatch 2, to the one that was implemented in the first Overwatch.

This is why the view of it is so conflicted. With those coming into Overwatch 2 being essentially none the wiser, it’s likely that these players will simply have it toggled off, but those who played a whole bunch of Overwatch 1, are probably going to be thinking the opposite.

What we recommend if you’re unsure as to whether to enable Aim Assist Legacy, is just to try it out. You’ll definitely feel the difference between the two modes because with it turned on, you’ll experience smoother aiming whereas turned off is a little jerkier, which could allow for snappier lock-on.

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