Should you use Aim Assist Legacy Mode in Overwatch 2?

Should you use Aim Assist Legacy Mode in Overwatch 2?
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11th Oct 2023 14:13

The Overwatch 2 Aim Assist Legacy Mode looks to give players the same feel of control they had in the original game. Overwatch 2 has made some significant changes since the first version of the game, but in many ways, it is the same experience.

The Aim Assist Legacy Mode is a way to reclaim some of the feel of the original game for those who prefer it. Here is everything you need to know about Overwatch 2 Aim Assist Legacy Mode, and if you should use it.

Overwatch 2 Aim Assist Legacy Mode explained

overwatch 2 aim assist legacy mode option in the settings menu
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For those who are delving into the settings on controller to fine-tune that aim to get it as tight as possible, exploring the advanced options within the menus is always going to be the way to go.

As previously stated, there is an option called Aim Assist Legacy- a contentious one in the OW community as some believe that it to be the answer to console aiming troubles, whereas others would say it completely throws it off.

To put it as simply as we can, Aim Assist Legacy mode reverts the new aim assist feel that has been introduced with Overwatch 2, to the one that was implemented in the first Overwatch.

This is why the view of it is so conflicted. It essentially creates two different ways of playing, without really having any direct way of measuring which is the better option to choose.

Should you use Aim Assist Legacy Mode?

Zenyatta, Hanzo,, Genji, and Kiriko in Overwatch 2
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What we recommend if you’re unsure about Aim Assist Legacy, is just to try it out. You’ll definitely feel the difference between the two modes because with it turned on, you’ll experience smoother aiming whereas turned off is a little jerkier, which could allow for a snappier lock-on.

Regardless of whether you are a new player, a veteran of the original Overwatch, or somewhere in between, you should play around with this option to find out what suits you best. Even if you never touched the game before OW2, you might find the legacy mode a better fit.

That is it for our Overwatch 2 Aim Assist Legacy Mode guide. For more on the game, head to our Overwatch homepage for guides like the Overwatch 2 player count or the Overwatch 2 best mouse and keyboard settings.

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