Overwatch 2 Halloween Terror 2023 start dates, Trials of Sanctuary, cosmetics & more

Overwatch 2 Halloween Terror 2023 start dates, Trials of Sanctuary, cosmetics & more
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6th Oct 2023 10:30


Get ready to celebrate the spooky season in Overwatch 2 with Halloween Terror 2023.

Halloween Terror is Overwatch's annual Halloween event, and this year's event might be the biggest yet! With the player count surging once again, there are plenty of folks looking forward to this year's seasonal event.

With that in mind, let's go over what you have to look forward to in the hero shooter's eighth consecutive Halloween Terror.

Overwatch 2 Halloween Terror 2023 start & end dates

Halloween Terror 2023 kicks off in Overwatch 2 on October 10, 2023, with the annual spooky event running for just over three weeks, ending on November 1, 2023.

What are the Trials of Sanctuary?

The bosses in Trials of Sanctuary in Overwatch 2
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The highlight of Halloween Terror 2023 is Trials of Sanctuary, an Overwatch 2 x Diablo 4 crossover limited-time mode. Trials of Sanctuary is a co-op survival brawl similar to Junkenstein's Revenge.

In Trials of Sanctuary, you can opt to play as any of the following heroes: 

  • Demon Hunter Sombra
  • Barbarian Zarya
  • Night Raven Illari
  • Cleric Lifeweaver
  • Imperious Reinhardt
  • Inarius Pharah

You and three teammates have the difficult task of fending off a nonstop assault of demons from hell, with challenging boss fights entering the mix every few waves. Serving as bosses in Trials of Sanctuary are Overwatch 2 heroes cosplaying as iconic Diablo 4 villains. To come out of Trials of Sanctuary victorious, you must defeat Azmodan Wrecking Ball, Butcher Roadhog, and Lilith Moira.

Speaking of Junkenstein's Revenge, Junkenstein’s Revenge and Wrath of the Bride will also be available to play throughout Halloween Terror 2023.

What rewards are in the Overwatch 2 Halloween Terror event?

Some of the Halloween Terror 2023 skins
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Of course, there will be rewards for completing the Halloween Terror 2023 challenges, which range from bonus Battle Pass XP to Overwatch Credits and all types of creepy cosmetics.

Blizzard has yet to reveal what these challenges entail, but they're sure to be sinister - and we'll update you as we learn more!

Skins & other themed cosmetics to unlock

Some of the Halloween Terror 2023 skins
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With your newfound Overwatch Credits, you can visit the limited-time Halloween Terror Credits Shop to buy skins from years past or brand-new skins like the Gilded Hunter Sombra Legendary Skin. The Halloween Terror Credits Shop will remain open until November 7, 2023.

Alternatively, for the first time, players can spend their Overwatch Credits to unlock heroes! From October 10, 2023, to October 17, 2023, you can unlock Sojourn, Junker Queen, Kiriko, Ramattra, and Lifeweaver for Credits.

That's the gist of Halloween Terror 2023 in Overwatch 2. Join in on the frightening festivities when the event kicks off on October 10, 2023.

Keep tabs on our Overwatch 2 homepage to stay informed on all the game's latest happenings. Why not also check out our counter list for all heroes in Overwatch 2?

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