Overwatch 2 Symmetra Guide: Abilities, Tips, How To Unlock

Overwatch 2 Symmetra Guide: Abilities, Tips, How To Unlock
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24th Oct 2022 10:34

The Indian hero Symmetra is an unconventional damage-type hero in Overwatch 2but she can certainly be an asset to her team. Her turrets can cause a ton of damage in no time, and her ultimate can protect her entire squad from devastation. 

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Overwatch 2 Symmetra Guide: Abilities

Symmetra Overwatch 2 Abilities
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Symmetra will take some time to get used to in Overwatch 2, but once you figure out her rhythm, each of her abilities can be powerful in battle. 

Photon Projector

  • Type: Primary and Secondary Fire
  • Effect: The left mouse button unleashes a beam from her cannon that is used in short-range conflicts. As you use the Photon Projector more, the beam will have increased damage over time as it gets wider. The secondary fire, however, with the right mouse button has Symmetra charging an orb and then releasing it. This can be used against enemies that are mid-ranged. 

Photon Barrier

  • Type: Ultimate
  • Effect: This move summons a huge energy barrier that covers the entire map. It can be used as a shield against enemy attacks like Pharah's rocket barrage. However, enemies can pass through it, so be careful. 


Sentry Turret

  • Type: Ability
  • Effect: Up to three tiny turrets can be attached to walls and the floor. They can be easy to take out by enemies, but they damage and slow them when they are active. 


  • Type: Ability
  • Effect: Two teleporters emerge from this ability; one is where you stand and the other is where you're facing with the camera. 

Symmetra is quite difficult to figure out in Overwatch 2, but once you've gained the experience to place teleporters and sentry turrets correctly, you should be golden.

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Overwatch 2 Symmetra Guide: Early Tips

Symmetra Shields Overwatch 2
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One thing to know about Symmetra straight off the bat is that she's not a DPS-heavy character like Soldier: 76 or Reaper. Instead, she plays a great strategic foil for the enemy team. However, her beam can be powerful if used correctly. The beam will gain power the longer that Symmetra is at play. If she manages to survive the scrap between an enemy team and yours, the beam can tear up foes left, right, and centre.

Her primary attack is also fantastic with Kiriko's ultimate The Kitsune Rush because her beam is two times faster. We were able to tear through an enemy team while this ultimate is active, so make use of it if you're in that situation as Symmetra. 

To successfully protect a point, placing Symmetra's turrets in a correct manner is key to success. Place them around unexpected corners or tight areas in which the beams will damage your foes faster. Try to get your turrets around critical pathways for the most success. Make the turrets hard to access as well rather than having them directly on the path or on the ground. 

The Ultimate move is a fantastic asset for Symmetra to have. If activated correctly, it can cut off an opponent's ultimate like D.Va's Self Destruct and Baptiste's Amplification Matrix. Just be aware that players can walk through the shield, so it can be deemed ineffective quickly. We recommend activating the Ultimate move when the action gets drastic or when you see a projectile-based move activating. 

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How To Unlock Symmetra

How To Unlock Symmetra Overwatch 2
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You can gain Symmetra to your hero roster by finishing 20 matches in Overwatch 2. However, if you've played Overwatch already on the same account as Overwatch 2, you'll have her instantly unlocked. You can also gain Symmetra and 34 other characters instantly by buying the Watchpoint Pack.

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