Unlocking Mythic Skins in Overwatch 2 is changing with Season 10, here’s how

Unlocking Mythic Skins in Overwatch 2 is changing with Season 10, here’s how
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Mythic Skins are the best of the best in Overwatch 2, letting players adorn their main characters with the finest costumes in the game.

Until now, they've always been unlocked by reaching Tier 80 on the Premium Battle Pass - but that's changing when Season 10 rolls around.

What are Mythic Skins?

Like Legendary Skins, Mythic Skins in Overwatch 2 completely revamp a Hero's look, but they're also fully customisable. Owning a Mythic Skin means you can pick and choose from a wide selection of customization options to design your ideal outfit and stand out as one-of-a-kind.

How are Mythic Skins unlocked?

Moira and Junker Queen Mythic Skins in OW2
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For the last nine seasons, Mythic Skins have been unlocked by reaching Tier 80 in the Premium Battle Pass. This is the very last thing to unlock in each Season before you go on to unlock new Titles, so it's a heck of a grind to grab them all. If you see someone using a Mythic Skin, you know that they've poured several hours into Overwatch 2.

However, this also means that Mythic Skins are only available for a limited time only. If you fail to unlock a Mythic Skin before the Season ends, then it's gone for good. However, changes coming soon in Season 10 will finally make older Mythic Skins available once more.

Mythic Skin changes in Season 10

In a recent blog post on the official Overwatch blog, Blizzard explained that it's looking to give players "more control over how [they] earn Mythic hero skins".

A new Mythic Shop will be added to the game with Season 10, and it's here that you'll be able to unlock old Mythic skins that have since moved out of rotation. What's more, it sounds as though players will now need to choose which Mythic Skins they want to work towards, whether that's unlocking a new one from the backlog, or earning new customisation options for one they already own.

The one catch here is that old Mythic Skins will only be added to the Mythic Shop once they're two seasons old. I'm guessing this is to ensure that players who earn the Seasonal Mythic skins feel exclusive for a short while after the Season ends.

So, when Season 10 starts, you'll be able to unlock all past Mythic Skins from Season 1 through 7. As someone who missed out on the Galactic Emporer skin for Sigma, this news makes me very happy.

How to customise Mythic Skins

Customising Mythic Skins in OW2
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To customize a Mythic Skin in Overwatch 2, visit the Hero Gallery and select the Hero whose Mythic Skin you wish to tinker with. Next, browse their list of Skins until you locate the Mythic Skin you're searching for.

Mythic Skins feature a variety of different customizable aspects. For example, with the Cyber Demon Genji Skin, you can customize its Weapon, Tattoo, Mask, and Colour. You'll have a few distinct options to choose from in each category, and you can mix and match freely as you'd like. If you want to roll the dice, you can choose to generate a randomized getup.

When you're happy with how your Mythic Skin looks, press Save to save the design.

All Mythic Skins so far in Overwatch 2

Hero Mythic Skin Season Added
Genji Cyber Demon Season 1
Junker Queen Zeus Season 2
Kiriko Amaterasu Season 3
Sigma Galactic Emporer Season 4
Tracer Adventurer Season 5
Ana A-7000 Wargod Season 6
Hanzo Onryō Season 7
Orisa Grand Beast Season 8
Moira Ancient Caller Season 9

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