Overwatch 2 Beginner Guide: Best Heroes, Tactics, And More

Overwatch 2 Beginner Guide: Best Heroes, Tactics, And More
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Chris Penwell


18th Oct 2022 12:24

Are you a complete beginner at Overwatch 2? The original Overwatch was released all the way back in 2016, and newcomers may feel out of place as they try the sequel. Overwatch 2 beginners may struggle to catch up, but we have the perfect hero recommendations and tactics for them to try. Keep reading for our beginner guide to Overwatch 2.

  • Other than the three below, Mei is also a solid pick to choose for beginners.

Best Overwatch 2 Beginner Heroes

When starting Overwatch 2you'll want to pick the most basic heroes so you can understand the rules of the game and learn each map. However, simple doesn't necessarily mean ineffective in Overwatch 2. Heroes like Soldier: 76 and Mercy are great contributions to the team; here's why.

Soldier: 76

Soldier: 76 Overwatch 2
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Soldier 76 is the most approachable hero for those who have played other shooters like Call of Duty.  He carries a standard assault rifle that feels comfortable for anyone who loves Activision's key franchise. He also has an easy-to-understand rocket launcher that can be activated with the secondary fire button. Beginners with Soldier: 76 can also heal themselves with his Biotic Field ability. The ultimate for Soldier: 76 is also simple to figure out as it auto-aims your shots toward your foes. 



Overwatch 2 Mercy
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It's funny that Mercy is the best healer in the game but is also the simplest to understand. The left click on your mouse (or left shoulder button on consoles) buffs your enemies' strength and the right click (shoulder button) has Mercy healing her allies rapidly. You'll constantly hear a satisfying sound whenever an ally has full health from your support. In addition, she can revive fallen friends on your team, making her essential in any fight. The process can be long, however, so watch out for opposing forces. 


Reinhardt Overwatch 2
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The best beginner tank character is easily Reinhardt. Just like Mercy, he's arguably the best of his class. His moveset is pretty simple to pick up. His primary attack is his hammer as he swings it back and force against his foes. That's pretty much the basic attack you can think of. However, his most important asset is his shield. He can defend others for 1,200 HP and help keep essential allies safe. If you want to get right into the action, however, Reinhardt has a charging attack that when used will pin your opponent and ram them into a nearby wall. You can't forget about his fantastic ultimate as well as Reinhardt slams his hammer to the ground and the opposing team members in front of you fall down to the ground. It gives your teammates the chance to take out the majority of the squad at once. 

  • Once you feel comfortable, check out more advanced characters like Pharah, who can fly up in the air and rain down rockets.

Best Overwatch 2 Beginner Tactics and Tips

Overwatch 2 Tracer
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There are a few beginner-oriented characters to learn, but you should also keep in mind the tactics of each game you play. The first thing we'd recommend is to simply communicate with your team. There are emotes and callouts you can utilize with the Communication menu. On PC, you can access it by holding the C key. From there, you can say hello and say that your ultimate is ready. You can also request healing by pressing the X key. 

The developer and publisher Blizzard Entertainment has also added a few other ways to communicate. If you hold down the scroll wheel, more options will appear before you like the call out to fall back from an enemy attack. With the same scroll wheel button, you also tell others where to go or where the enemy is with Overwatch 2's new ping system.

To be the most cooperative player in Overwatch 2, we recommend learning the different roles of the game. The damage class is suited to reducing as many hit points as possible, while the support class should focus on healing. There should be at least two support class heroes on your team and one tank alongside two damage heroes. You can change the formation here and there, according to the situation at hand, but there needs to be at least one healer and one tank to be successful in Overwatch 2.

One last tip to note is to understand where each healing location is. There are med packs located all over each map, and if the healer has been taken out, they're your next saving grace. 

For more Overwatch 2 guides, keep reading GGRecon.

Chris Penwell is an experienced video games journalist with a Bachelor in Communications. He loves to play narrative-focused games like Kingdom Hearts and Beyond Good & Evil.

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