Overwatch 2 Illari: Abilities, Ultimate, how to play & tips

Overwatch 2 Illari: Abilities, Ultimate, how to play & tips
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10th Aug 2023 20:00


Illari is the latest Support character joining the ever-growing roster of Overwatch 2 heroes, so you’re probably wondering about her abilities and how she can be a huge asset to your team.

Following the inclusion of Lifeweaver and Kiriko, Illari is the third support hero to be added to the game, and she brings with her a unique set of powers that could make her a force to be reckoned with.

Here, we’ll be going over everything you need to know about Illari in Overwatch 2, including her abilities, Ultimate and some handy tips to help you get started with her – so read on.

Illari abilities in Overwatch 2

A breakdown of Illari's weapon and abilities in Overwatch 2
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Solar Rifle

In Overwatch 2, Illari’s weapon is the Solar Rifle which has primary and secondary firing features. For its primary fire, the Solar Rifle acts as a long-range rifle, that charges automatically.

But not forgetting she is a Support hero; Illari’s secondary fire is a mid-range beam that heals allies but consumes the solar energy that has been steadily charging.


Alongside the Solar Rifle, Illari also has two abilities. Her Outburst launches you in the direction you are moving. If there are enemies in its path, it will knock them back.

Healing Pylon

In addition to her secondary healing beam, Illari can also assist teammates with her Healing Pylon. When deployed, the Pylon will heal allies in the surrounding area, so a tactical placement is advised.

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Illari Ultimate in Overwatch 2

Illari using her Ultimate Ability, Captive Sun in Overwatch 2
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Like all heroes in Overwatch 2, Illari comes with a unique Ultimate that could quickly turn the tide of an intense match. In this instance, Illari’s Ultimate ability is Captive Sun.

After fully charging, activating Captive Sun will unleash a devastating ball of solar energy. When enemies are hit with it, they become slowed and will explode, causing them to take a great deal of damage. Depending on how low their health is, it may even down them.

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How to play Illari in Overwatch 2

Illari using her Solar Rifle in Overwatch 2
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When starting with Illari in Overwatch 2, it is important to keep tabs on the solar energy you are charging, as it will contribute to both damage and healing.

Like Moira’s orbs, you will have to decide quickly whether damage or healing is necessary in a fast-paced environment and balance your energy accordingly.

Additionally, the placement of your Healing Pylon will be essential. While it could be useful in an open area for a quick heal as a last resort, it may be more prudent to have it tucked away so that you create a safe space for your teammates without fear of the enemy’s attack.

While your Outburst will certainly be helpful for map traversal, its power to knock back enemies could displace their formation, distracting them from their objective. However, it may be best to take an ally with you. The last thing you want to do is jump out of the frying pan and into the fire of the opposing team.

That’s everything you need to know so far about Illari’s induction into the Overwatch 2 roster. If you’re looking for more heroes to get started with, be sure to check out our Ramattra guide as well.

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