Overwatch 2 hero pick rates, most popular characters in Season 8

Overwatch 2 hero pick rates, most popular characters in Season 8
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19th Dec 2023 12:45


Given the size of the roster in Overwatch 2, some characters are bound to be picked more than others - so we're breaking down the current pick rates for Season 8 including the most and least picked heroes.

Pick rates determined by season give a great idea as to which heroes are potentially over or underperforming in the game. With rankings changing every season, alongside a wide array of buffs, nerfs and tweaks, some heroes may get a chance to shine when they previously have not.

Who are the current most chosen heroes in Overwatch 2?

For this breakdown, we will bring you the top five most-picked heroes in Overwatch 2 Season 8. The results have been sourced from Overbuff, which collates the amount a hero has been chosen according to several factors. We're sticking with PC platforms with all Game Modes, Roles and Skill Tiers over the last 3 months to take heroes that have recently been added into consideration:

Hero Role Pick Rate
Ana Support 8.13%
Mercy Support 6.50%
Kiriko Support 4.43%
Genji Damage 4.31%
Soldier: 76 Damage 4.17%

Who are the current least chosen heroes in Overwatch 2?

These are the heroes that don't see as much play time in Overwatch 2, but that doesn't mean they are necessarily bad, so maybe its time you showed them some love in Season 8:

Hero Role Pick Rate
Mauga Tank 0.35%
Ramattra Tank 1.07%
Wrecking Ball Tank 1.14%
Torbjörn Damage 1.22%
Echo Damage 1.25%

Why are these heroes in their positions in Overwatch 2?

When it comes to the Overwatch 2 heroes that are picked the most, Ana's healing abilities require a great deal of accuracy but also heal a great deal more and faster than a lot of other Supports. Her Sleep Dart and Nano Boost Ultimate make for great utilities that can affect enemies, boost allies and keep them at top health.

Mauga, as he appears in Overwatch 2
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Unsurprisingly, Mauga is currently the least chosen hero in Overwatch 2. Having only been added to the game in the latest season, he is still proving his chops in the competitive scene, with players still learning him as they go.

That's everything you need to know about the most up-to-date pick rates for Overwatch 2 Season 8. Only time will tell how these statistics move next, but in the meantime, be sure to check out our list of Overwatch 2 hero counters.

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