Overwatch 2 Friends Not Showing Up: How To Fix

Overwatch 2 Friends Not Showing Up: How To Fix
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Daniel Hollis


5th Oct 2022 15:30

Out of all the multiplayer games around, Overwatch 2 is perhaps the one that requires the most communication with other players. Whilst working together with random people online is a perfectly fine way of playing, games such as Overwatch 2 are built around the idea of jumping in with your friends.

Unfortunately, sometimes that’s easier said than done, and it’s not always as simple as sending an invite. With crossplay, cross-progression, and the Battle.net account to contend with, it can become overly cumbersome. If you’re struggling to find your friends on Overwatch 2, we’ve outlined every way you can ensure they’re on your list.

Overwatch 2 Friends Not Showing Up Fixes

Player Not Found Error Fix

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One of the biggest hurdles players are facing is being hit with the “player not found” when attempting to invite friends into their lobby. Even though you’re all on the correct version of the game and can clearly see them online, it’s still plaguing some owners.


There is no clear reason as to why this happens, but fortunately, there are a few workarounds. Try any of the following options to rectify the “player not found” error message in Overwatch 2:

  • Ask another player to invite them.
  • Use the chat function to invite them through there.
  • Have all players restart the game.
  • Leave the group and create a new one.

Again, it seems to just be a bug, which will hopefully be resolved in the coming days. In the meantime, one of these methods should temporarily fix the issue for you.

Add Friends In Overwatch 2

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A reason you may not see friends in-game may be due to not having them within your friends list yet. Much like Fortnite and other live service games that implement crossplay, Overwatch 2 has its own internal friend system, which you’ll need to use to invite your friends.

Unless you’re playing on the same console, inviting friends across multiple platforms requires a few extra steps. Due to Overwatch 2 being tied to a Battle.net account, you’re going to need your friend’s email or Battletag to be able to add them. With that in hand, follow these easy steps to add a friend:

  • Click the Friends symbol in the top right.
  • Select the Add Friend option.
  • Input the email address tied to their Battle.net account or their Battletag.
  • A request will be sent.

Once done, you should be able to invite a friend to your game. If not, try any of the solutions in the “player not found” bug remedies we’ve listed.

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