Overwatch 2 Account Merge Not Working: Everything We Know

Overwatch 2 Account Merge Not Working: Everything We Know
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5th Oct 2022 15:06

While it may be called Overwatch 2, it’s not exactly a straight-up sequel. There are some new bits here and there, but it’s the shift to a free-to-play model isn’t exactly revolutionary. Anyone who has lived with Overwatch over the past few years will appreciate the new changes, and bringing their account over is one of the perks they’re most likely looking forward to.

Overwatch 2 promises that players can bring over their skins, emotes, credits, and everything else they earned in the original game. However, merging accounts seems to be hitting a bit of a snag at the moment, leaving some players fearing all their hard-earned progression has been lost. Here’s what we know about account merging not working in Overwatch 2.

Why Is Account Merge Not Working In Overwatch 2?

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For some players, whilst they’ve connected their account from the original game into Overwatch 2, none of their progression has transferred across. This means unlockables such as skins and emotes are locked when they’re trying to equip them.

Others are even reporting they are having to complete the entire introductory process, meaning certain game modes have been locked out until the onboarding process has been completed. This was obviously a reason why many wanted to merge their account in Overwatch 2, leaving them to jump directly into battle.

At present, there’s no confirmed reason why this has happened. Speculation online seems to theorise the influx of players, combined with two hefty DDoS attacks on Overwatch 2, has caused issues. But as it stands, the team at Blizzard has not delivered a message that confirms these suspicions. 


When Will Account Merge Not Working In Overwatch 2 Be Fixed?

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Again, this is something we do not have a confirmed date or time for. However, the team has addressed players’ concerns on the official Blizzard forums. Overwatch 2’s community manager had this to say with regard to a fix:

“No additional updates to share tonight (it is 12:18 AM as of this post). The community team will keep checking in on things in the forum first thing in the morning, and we’ll update you as we’re able.”

This message is in relation to not only the server issues but players logging complaints that their gear is yet to transfer over. The good news is that it appears the team is aware, and it’s something that will be rectified. For now, the best advice we have is to hang in there and simply enjoy the game until your gear has been delivered.

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