Who Is Ramattra In Overwatch 2?

Who Is Ramattra In Overwatch 2?
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Sascha "Yiska" Heinisch


5th Nov 2022 01:44

"You have my attention" said the unknown robot character that Doomfist tried to recruit to Overwatch 2's terror organisation Talon. During the Overwatch League Grand Finals stream in Anaheim, California, the big bad guy of Overwatch 2 has stepped onto the scene and has revealed themselves as Ramattra, the new tank hero with a twist. First stepped onto the scene in 2019 at the end of Storm Rising Event trailer, we now know more about the new villain entering the fray. But who is Ramattra in Overwatch 2?


Who Is Ramattra In Overwatch 2?

Ramattra is Talon's newest member, brought to the terror organisation by Doomfist. While Ramattra's morals initially aligned with Shambli monk, Zenyatta, he has to rethink his approach as multiple hard knocks hit the Omnic. Primed to protect his people, the ends justify the means to an unknown extent. 

"We can find our own place. And we must."

Initially made to be a war machine similar to hero Bastion, he too decides to help humanity and takes not just the proverbial shield in service of peace. As his story unravels, he's frequently confronted with difficult decisions to navigate his goals. His tribe, Null Sector, nevertheless gives him their full support and names him their leader. In order to pursue their goals further and ensure the protection of his people, he takes Doomfist's Faustian bargain. 

When will Ramattra be available?

According to the developers, we will find out more in the coming days prior to his release on December 6th with the start of the second season. As always, we can expect a two-week grace period during which time Ramattra won't able available in ranked, making Ramattra basically your ranked Christmas present. 

This concludes our explanation of Overwatch 2's newest villain Ramattra and his origin story. We hope we could answer the question who Ramattra in Overwatch 2 is. As the developers stated, more will be revealed in time. Stay tuned with GGRecon for all updates on Ramattra in Overwatch 2 and beyond. 

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