What Is MIT In Overwatch 2?

What Is MIT In Overwatch 2?
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3rd Oct 2022 15:41

Players may be wondering what is MIT in Overwatch 2? Anyone who's playing Overwatch 2 on release day will quickly notice the changes made to the scoreboard, especially regarding some of the new statistics that are measured during games. The new scoreboard is supposed to present key information in a more digestible way, but you may not understand it right away. So, check out our breakdown of the Overwatch 2 MIT statistic, including what it represents and why it was brought into the hero shooter sequel.  

What Is MIT Overwatch 2?

What Is MIT Overwatch 2?
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MIT is a brand-new statistic on the Overwatch 2 scoreboard that represents mitigated damage. This wasn't represented on the original Overwatch scoreboard, but Blizzard have added it in the sequel, so players can get a better understanding of their role and how they played during a game. In the end, Overwatch is a more team-oriented experience than other multiplayer FPS games, so it's not all about getting the most kills and assists. 

In the OW2 beta patch notes, MIT is described as a "new statistic that encompasses the previous Damage Blocked, but also keeps track of damage prevented by effects such as Ana's Nano Boost or Orisa's Fortify." They have also said that this statistic isn't fully implemented yet, as the patch notes also state they will add "tracking for damage mitigated by effects such as Lucio's Sound Barrier," so it's likely that more abilities and contexts will be added to better represent the MIT stat. 


If you're playing in a tank or support role, you will want the MIT statistic to be as high as possible at the end of the game, as it will show you've done your job well. Attacking players don't need to worry about keep this high, as you will want to focus on overall damage and eliminations. 

That's all for our breakdown of the Overwatch 2 MIT statistic, and now you how what it represents on the game's scoreboard. 

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