When does Overwatch 2 season 3 end?

When does Overwatch 2 season 3 end?
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28th Feb 2023 11:12

Since Overwatch 2 was released, fans have been treated to multiple seasons of the game. Currently, the popular multiplayer title is running Season 3, complete with new maps, modes, and other changes for fans to sink their teeth into.

But as the multiplayer landscape quickly evolves, players are understandably ready for the next season. Despite only launching back in October of 2022, and already running Season 3, the Overwatch 2 community is prepared to move on.

If you’re curious as to when Overwatch 2 Season 3 will end, we’ve managed to curate an answer for you to help prepare for the next stage.

When does Overwatch 2 season 3 end?

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As it currently stands, each season of Overwatch 2 has run for a fair few weeks. In fact, Blizzard has committed itself to delivering a new season for players every nine weeks. The logic behind this, as per the official roadmap for the game, is to “ensure there’s always something new to experience”.

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Season 3 of Overwatch 2 began on February 7, 2023. If Blizzard continues to stick to its current nine-week model, this would place the end date on April 11, 2023. Of course, as with any multiplayer, this is subject to change. However, it allows players to have a rough ballpark on when they can expect more.

Each season delivers brand-new content, and it’s not always a new hero. In fact, the roadmap revealed that players can expect new heroes, maps, skins, battle passes, modes, and the eventual introduction of PvE.

Overwatch 2 also appears to be dipping its toe in crossovers, with the introduction of the One Punch Man skin being readily available to buy. While we’re not expecting anything akin to Fortnite’s dedication to merging worlds, we could see seasons broken up with events dedicated to IPs outside of the world of Overwatch 2.

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