Overwatch 2 DPS Passive Ability Explained

Overwatch 2 DPS Passive Ability Explained
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Liam Ho


3rd Oct 2022 09:45

Overwatch 2 has arrived with a brand new DPS passive ability, but how does it work? Overwatch has always worked as a game of roles. You’ve got the big beefy tanks standing up in front protecting their team. Next up, you’ve got the healers trying their absolute best to keep everyone on their team alive through various buffs and heals. Finally, you’ve got the DPS, arguably the bread and butter of the Overwatch format. DPS’s primary role is to gain eliminations, aka taking out the opposing team to create space for the rest of their team.

In Overwatch 2, all DPS heroes received some form of change, whether small like number adjustments or huge like a full rework. All DPS heroes are getting some form of a switch-up. Alongside these changes, all DPS heroes in Overwatch 2 will be receiving a new passive to assist them in their gathering of eliminations. Here's the Overwatch 2 DPS passive ability, explained.

Overwatch 2 DPS Passive Ability

Overwatch 2 DPS Passive
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Damage Role Passive - Eliminations grant 25% increased reload and movement speed for 2.5 seconds. Does not stack with itself but will refresh the duration. 

This passive will affect all previous DPS heroes within Overwatch 1 as well as the new damage character Sojourn. It will not affect Doomfist however, as in Overwatch 2, he has been swapped over to the tank role with his kit and statistics adjusted to reflect it.


This is a huge buff to all damage heroes in Overwatch 2, rewarding DPS players for getting eliminations for their team by giving them more potential to eliminate other players. This should really allow skilled DPS players to absolutely wipe the floor with the enemy team. Heroes like Genji, Cassidy and Tracer will benefit massively from these changes, and hopefully, we’ll be able to see the return of some fantastic montage plays from these heroes. 

It seems that Blizzard is pushing the game more towards a shooter instead of a MOBA, where damage and outplaying opponents is the key to victory. This should be a far more interesting game in comparison to the original Overwatch, which ended up being overrun by shields and healing. 

Overall, it’s a really interesting change that seems to be pushing Overwatch 2 in a different direction than its previous iteration. Time will only tell if it works well in Blizzard’s favour.

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