Overwatch 2 Best Souvenirs To Unlock

Overwatch 2 Best Souvenirs To Unlock
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Hritwik Raj


3rd Oct 2022 11:24

Overwatch 2 delivers more customization options than its predecessor by offering new cosmetic types like Souvenirs that players can unlock via Twitch Drops, Battle Pass, microtransactions, playing and progressing the game, and a few other methods. With Overwatch 2 best Souvenirs to unlock guide, we talk about some of the best Souvenirs you can use during matches to taunt your opponents, thank your teammates, react to other player's actions, and other things. So continue reading Overwatch 2 best Souvenirs to unlock for more details. 

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All Souvenirs In Overwatch 2

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When writing this article, Overwatch 2 features ten Souvenirs that you can unlock and equip on any hero to use during matches. That said, here is the complete list of Souvenirs you will see in Season 1 of Overwatch 2

  • Mechanical Brain 
    • How to unlock - Reach tier 8 in Season One battle pass. 
  • GG 
    • How to unlock - TBA
  • Heart 
    • How to unlock - TBA
  • King's Payload 
    • How to unlock - TBA
  • Salty 
    • How to unlock - TBA
  • Trophy
    • How to unlock - TBA
  • Folded Crane 
    • How to unlock - Reach tier 68 in Season One battle pass. 
  • Pineapple Pizza
    • How to unlock - Reach tier 23 in Season One battle pass. 
  • Puzzle Cube
    • How to unlock - Reach tier 42 in Season One battle pass. 
  • Robo Thumb
    • How to unlock - Reach tier 74 in Season One battle pass. 


Since Souvenirs are a new type of cosmetics we will see for the first time with Overwatch 2, you can expect the above list to grow as new Seasons and updates arrive. 

Best Souvenirs To Unlock In Overwatch 2

Here are some of the best Souvenirs we recommend players unlock in Overwatch 2. 


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Why write GG in chat when you can show off a neon projection that says GG? You can use the GG Souvenir via the emote wheel during matches whenever you kill a player. Come on; it is not wrong to say "Get Good " to a defeated opponent. Or "Good Game" to celebrate the victory and thank your teammates when your team is near winning or has won.


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Heart is yet another Souvenir that we think you must unlock in Overwatch 2, as it will be the most fun to use during matches. You can use it to show your love towards your teammates, appreciate hero skins, or taunt your opponents.


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This is the real deal! If you are a true Overwatch veteran, this Souvenir is for you. Kill your opponents in the most stylish way you can, showing how easy it was to defeat them, then use the Salty Souvenir from the emote wheel to "rubs salt into the wound." 

Robo Thumb 

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Why say good luck to your team, appreciate their assistance, and do other such things using chats when you can pull out a broken robotic arm with the thumbs up? Robo Thumb is yet another great Souvenir in Overwatch 2 that we think players can use in many situations during a match to make it more fun. 

The above four out of ten Souvenirs are the ones that we recommend players unlock as soon as possible in Overwatch 2 as they will make the game more fun and interactive. That said, this concludes our Overwatch 2 best Souvenirs to unlock article. 

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