Best Overwatch 2 Heroes For Beginners

Best Overwatch 2 Heroes For Beginners
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Coleman Hamstead


9th Jan 2023 10:17

Are you a new player interested in the best Overwatch 2 heroes for a beginner? Overwatch 2 features a roster of over 35 heroes, but not all of them are exactly beginner-friendly. So, if you want to get your feet wet without letting your team down, below is a list of the best Overwatch 2 heroes for beginners.

Best Overwatch 2 Heroes For Beginners: Best Tank Heroes

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One of the most recognisable heroes in Overwatch, Overwatch 2 Reinhardt is an amazing choice for a beginner who wants to try out the Tank role.

Reinhardt's primary attack is a swing of his Rocket Hammer. As a melee-focused hero, you don't need good aim to excel as Reinhardt. Just swing away, and you're bound to make contact!

Besides his inflated HP, what makes Reinhardt stand out as a Tank is his Barrier Field. Barrier Field serves as a massive shield to protect Reinhardt and his allies. Deploy Reinhardt's Barrier Field and take the lead, and your teammates will love you for it.


Overwatch 2 Winston is another excellent option for Overwatch 2 beginners who want to play as a Tank. Like Reinhardt, fighting with Winston takes very little brainpower. Winston's Tesla Cannon automatically locks onto enemies when in close enough proximity and can be fired continuously.

Winston also has great utility in the form of his Jump Pack and Barrier Projector. Jump Pack can be used to escape or pursue enemies, while Barrier Protector creates an on-demand energy dome that can shield Winston and his friends.

Best Overwatch 2 Heroes For Beginners: Best Damage Heroes

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Overwatch 2 Torbjörn's ease of use comes from the fact that the majority of his damage-dealing capabilities stem from his turret. With Torbjörn, you can get away with letting the turret do all the work for you! Place it down in a savvy spot and watch it go to work.

Torbjörn can hold his own with his Rivet Gun, but without any self-healing or movement abilities, Torbjörn relies heavily on his turret to succeed. However, that should not be a problem for an Overwatch 2 beginner that is still trying to get a feel for things.

Soldier: 76

Overwatch 2 Soldier: 76 is perhaps the most straightforward hero in Overwatch 2. Soldier: 76 is a prime choice for beginners because he plays just like a regular footsoldier. The former commander of Overwatch, Soldier: 76's kit features abilities common in most shooters.

Soldier 76's Heavy Pulse Rifle functions like a typical automatic assault weapon. And when you activate his Ultimate, Soldier: 76 becomes a walking aimbot, effortlessly gunning down anyone in his path.

Along the same lines as Winston, Soldier: 76 has access to a couple of tools that make him self-sufficient. The physically-enhanced vigilante can deploy a Biotic Field to heal himself and allies and can also Sprint to get around the map quickly.

Best Overwatch 2 Heroes For Beginners: Best Support Heroes

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Overwatch 2 Lucio is unique in that you can benefit your team just by existing. Lucio can switch between two songs that provide support to his allies. Lucio can choose to heal nearby allies or make nearby allies move faster. Though once you choose a song, all you need to do is stick near your teammates, and they'll reap the rewards.

You will need some skill to really get the most out of Lucio's other abilities, like Soundwave and Wall Ride, but generally, Lucio is a superb option for Overwatch 2 beginners. Even a complete noob can get some value out of Lucio!


If you want to play a more active role but a hero that's still easy on beginners, Overwatch 2 Mercy may be the Support hero for you! 

Mercy's job is to follow her teammates around with her Caduceus Staff and either heal allies or boost their damage. Mercy is also the only hero in Overwatch 2 that can revive allies, something your teammates will certainly appreciate.

Mercy can be a sitting duck at times, but her Guardian Angel ability can be used to quickly retreat to a teammate. Also, the Caduceus Blaster allows Mercy to fight back in a pinch.

If you're new to Overwatch 2 and overwhelmed with the hero selection, know that as a beginner, you can't go wrong with any of the heroes on this list!

For more help getting started in Overwatch 2, check out our Overwatch 2 beginner guide!

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