Is Diablo 4 crossplay? Cross-platform progression explained

Is Diablo 4 crossplay? Cross-platform progression explained
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Amy Eastland


13th Jul 2023 17:57


Crossplay in Diablo 4 is a fantastic feature that lets you play with your friends no matter their platform, and you can also enjoy cross-platform progression if you like switching up where you play.

While you can journey through the hellscape of Sanctuary on your lonesome, playing Diablo 4 with friends only makes those legendary loot drops even sweeter, and thankfully you can do this even if you don't play the game in the same place.

So, to find out everything you need to know about crossplay and cross-platform progression in Diablo 4, all you need to do is continue reading below.

Does Diablo 4 have crossplay?

Image of Necromancer combat in Diablo 4
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There is Diablo 4 cross-platform support, allowing you to play with friends on all platforms.

To take part in the cross-play, you don’t need to do anything special to enable it. This feature is enabled by default, so you will automatically be able to invite your friends who are on different platforms, as long as you know their BattleTag and have them on your friends list.

Is there cross-progression in Diablo 4?

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There is also a Diablo 4 cross-progression system, but this requires you to activate it, as it doesn't work automatically.

First, in order to enable cross-progression, you need to link your console to your account. This will allow you to flit between playing on the console and PC without losing any of your progress.

How to link your console and account

Image of the Connections screen for Diablo 4 crossplay
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Here is everything you need to know if you're wanting to link your console and account for crossplay in Diablo 4.

  • Head to the Blizzard/ website and sign into your account.
  • Click on your username and then 'Account Settings'.
  • Select the 'Connections' tab on the left.
  • Click the '+Connect' button next to PlayStation or Xbox.
  • Enter the account information for the relevant platform and your accounts will link.

This is a beneficial feature to be able to have if you have bought Diablo 4 on both PC and console or if you are borrowing a copy from a friend and are using theirs. 

Although, it does mean that you are constantly tied to playing this game online. There is no way to play this game offline, so if the server was to go down, you won’t be able to progress further through the game and will have to wait until it is back online. 

That’s everything you need to know about Diablo 4 crossplay and cross-progression and how to activate them respectively.

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