How to use Transmog in Diablo 4

How to use Transmog in Diablo 4
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27th Apr 2023 13:00

You may want to know how to use Transmog in Diablo 4, as it's a useful feature for players who don't want to commit fashion crimes with clashing gear, while also keeping their stats from high-level gear. The Diablo 4 open beta gave players a chance to try the game and give feedback before the full release on June 6.

While playing Diablo 4, you will pick up a whole host of loot, ranging from weapons to armour. So, if you need to know how to use Transmog in Diablo 4, we've got you covered.

How to unlock Transmog in Diablo 4

How to unlock Transmog in Diablo 4
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Before you can use the Transmog feature in Diablo 4, you will need to unlock it, which doesn't take too long. 

You will start by finishing the prologue, and then head to Kyovashad, which is the first main hub area in the game. This should take a couple of hours at most. Once you arrive at Kyovashad head over to the Blacksmith, marked on the map by an anvil icon. 

When speaking to the Blacksmith, you will have the option to salvage the gear you have in your inventory. When hovering over a gear piece, it should also say "Unlocks new look on salvage", which means it can be used in the Transmog process. 

It's worth noting that all gear can be salvaged, with the exception of accessories and some unique weapons. 

How to use Transmog in Diablo 4

How to use Transmog in Diablo 4
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So you've salvaged some armours for use with the Transmog, now you need to actually equip them and change your look. 

You'll need to start by heading to your wardrobe, which is found in the Kyovashad Inn and marked by a wardrobe icon. 

After interacting with the wardrobe, you should see the armour pieces you have equipped, along with variants below them from the gear you previously salvaged and pigments at the bottom.

Essentially, here you can select a gear piece, choose a variant to change the look of your equipped gear, and then select a colour. You can also save a look to an ensemble slot in this menu, though other ensemble slots will cost gold. 

There are some limits to the Transmog feature; for example, you cannot change the appearance of a weapon to a different weapon type, so there's no making your staves look like maces. 

That's all for our explainer of how to use Transmog in Diablo 4, and now you know how to change the look of your gear without changing the stats.

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