Will Diablo 4 have New Game Plus?

Will Diablo 4 have New Game Plus?
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24th May 2023 17:22

You'll want to know, will Diablo 4 have New Game Plus? Diablo 4 is the next entry in the iconic action role-playing franchise, and with a new entry comes a bunch of new changes, additions, and alterations to the formula. 

A big question many players have about Diablo 4 is the existence of a NG+ mode, and whether it will be one of the many new additions to the game on top of the open world, and more. So, check out the answer to the question, will Diablo 4 have New Game Plus?

Will Diablo 4 have New Game Plus?

an image of the Diablo 4 difficulty modes
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Diablo 4 won't have a New Game Plus mode in name, but the way you'll be able to replay the game as your old character on different difficulties is functionally the exact same. 

Despite the lack of an official Diablo 4 NG+ mode, players can choose one of five difficulties to play on, with three of them requiring you to unlock them while playing the game for the first time. 

The Diablo 4 difficulty modes are:

  • Adventurer (World Tier 1) - Unlocked automatically
  • Veteran (World Tier 2) - Unlocked automatically
  • Nightmare (World Tier 3) - Complete Cathedral of Light dungeon on Veteran difficulty. 
  • Hell (World Tier 4) - Complete the Fallen Temple dungeon on Nightmare difficulty.
  • Torment (World Tier 5) - Complete the Archives of Issalia dungeon on Hell difficulty. 

With the new difficulties, you will be able to play through the game again with the same character, meaning you'll keep all your loot, levelling progress, abilities, and more. 

New difficulty modes also provide you with the chance to earn new rewards and encounter new bosses as the World Tier increases.

Is there a Diablo 4 endgame?

an image of a world boss in Diablo 4
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On top of being able to restart the game like New Game Plus with a different difficulty, there is an endgame to Diablo 4 that you take part in, whether it be tackling post-campaign quests, dungeons, world bosses, or PvP

So while there isn't an official Diablo 4 New Game Plus mode, the function of it is still essentially there in the unlockable difficulties and endgame content.

That's all for our breakdown of whether Diablo 4 will have New Game Plus, and now you know while it doesn't strictly have NG+, you can still replay the game with the same character and unlocks.

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