How to get & farm Igneous Core in Diablo 4

How to get & farm Igneous Core in Diablo 4
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8th Feb 2024 11:10

If you want to get new Evernight and Genesis Tuning Stones, end-game equipment and other items by farming Uber Malphas boss in Vault of the Loom, you must know how to get and farm Igneous Core in Diablo 4. As you may already know, Diablo 4 Season 3 has added a multitude of unique content to the game. Among them, we have a new material called Igneous Core. 

Igneous Core is one of the rare materials in the game that you require, along with Shattered Stones, to access the Vault of Loom, where you fight Uber Malphas.

Keep reading our guide as we explain how you can get Igneous Core and the best method to farm it in Diablo 4 to grind the Uber Malphas boss without running out of the materials required to access the Vault.

How to get Igneous Core

Diablo 4 Brazier
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In Diablo 4, you can get Igneous Core by defeating Herald of Malphas, whom you can spawn at any Arcane Temors zone by activating the Gelid Brazier using the following materials:

  • Elemental Core x3
  • Shattered Stones x50

Once you deposit the materials at a Gelid Brazier within the Arcane Temors zone, it will spawn Herald of Malphas. Defeat the boss for a chance to get Igneous Core. 

Diablo 4 Shattered Stones and Elemental Core farm
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On that note, Igneous Core drop is not 100% guaranteed and depends on RNG. So you will have to farm Herald of Malphas to obtain Igneous Core.

You can also obtain Igneous Core by defeating Son of Malphas, which spawns randomly in World Tier 4 inside Nightmare Vaults, around Seat of the Heavens in Fractured Peaks and Arcane Tremors zones.

Best way to farm Igneous Core

Diablo 4 Igneous Core
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The best way to farm Igneous Core is to keep spawning Herald of Malphas in co-op mode and farming the boss. Having extra players allows you to spawn the boss more frequently. Since Diablo 4 is a grindy game, even the best farming method is a grind.

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