How to get Tempest Roar in Diablo 4

How to get Tempest Roar in Diablo 4
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23rd Apr 2024 16:29

Learning how to get the Tempest Roar in Diablo 4 is vital for Druid players looking to improve their character with a Legendary they can equip. The game offers a number of powerful Legendary loot items for those in the endgame, but getting these can be hard for a few reasons. 

Firstly, you need to find the places they'll actually drop, which isn't simple. Then you have to kill a bunch of different enemies, which on harder difficulties is no cakewalk either. Then you have to hope the drop actually happens for you, otherwise it's off to somewhere else to repeat the process.

So, if you're looking for the best way to get the Tempest Roar, here's everything you need to know.

How to get Tempest Roar

The Tempest Roar drops exclusively on World Tier 3 and 4, and can only be earned from Cannibal or Cultist enemies in some specific Nightmare Dungeons. These dungeons are:

  • Conclave (Kehjistan)
  • Cultist Refuge (Fractured Peaks)
  • Earthen Wound (Hawezar)
  • Faceless Shrine (Hawezar)
  • Guulrahn Slums (Dry Steppes)

As a Legendary item, the drop rate is tiny, meaning you'll just need to keep killing hordes of Cultist and Cannibal enemies until you finally get lucky. 

Faceless Shrine Nightmare Dungeon location in Diablo 4
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Of the five dungeons highlighted above, I've found the Faceless Shrine to be the most optimal for getting the Tempest Roar drop. This is because it contains both enemy types, which maximises your chance of getting the item.

At the end of this dungeon, there is also a boss called Mother's Judgement, who is guaranteed to drop a random Legendary item. This still doesn't mean you'll definitely get the Tempest Roar, but it gives you a far greater chance.

With both these factors in mind, if you're dead set on getting the Legendary for your Druid, your best bet is to farm Faceless Shrine as much as possible.

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