Is Diablo 4 open world: Regions, multiplayer events & more

Is Diablo 4 open world: Regions, multiplayer events & more
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13th Mar 2023 14:06

You may want to know, is Diablo 4 open world? Diablo 4 is the next entry in the iconic action role-playing game franchise, and the first major entry in a decade.

While the new game retains most of what has made Diablo such a popular series, such as varied classes and fast-paced action combat, it does make some big changes that will hopefully shake things up. One of the biggest additions is the seamless open world, which has been promoted heavily in the lead-up to release, so check out our explainer of the Diablo 4 open world.

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Is Diablo 4 open world?

Is Diablo 4 open world?
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In short, Diablo 4 does have a fully open world map for players to explore across the campaign and end-game, making for a first in the franchise. 

On release, the world map will contain five distinct and massive regions which you can travel to in any order and without having to wait for a loading screen. In the lore, this only constitutes the upper-right portion of the Sanctuary map (shown in the image above), though we expect more regions to be added in future expansions or seasons.

The game's art director, John Mueller, claimed that the regions themselves will be "10 or 20 times larger than any previous Diablo region". This gives you a lot of room for exploring and finding collectibles, materials, lore books, and much more.

Is Diablo 4 open world? world boss
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With this new open world map, it has also allowed the developers to implement some MMO aspects to the game. For example, you can see other players randomly when exploring regions and also take part in events, ranging from small group events to world bosses. There are also dedicated PvP zones if you feel like taking on another player.

That's all for our explainer of whether Diablo 4 is open world, and now you know the game has a seamless open world with five unique regions.

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