How to complete the Obelisk World Event in Diablo 4

How to complete the Obelisk World Event in Diablo 4
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4th Jun 2023 16:19

Diablo 4 has many World Quests and World Events for players to take part in, including the Obelisk World Event. This guide will explain everything you need to know about the in-game Obelisk World Event, how you can take part, and what rewards you get for your efforts. 

How to complete the Obelisk World Event

The tasks for this event are simple in premise but may be difficult to complete depending on your level. 

Once you have found an Ancient Obelisk, you have to inspect it to begin the World Event. You may find a couple of enemies that will need dispatching before you begin. 

Fighting Goblins at the Ancient Obelisk
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After you’ve started, there are four pressure plates that spawn in the area, and you will have a 100-second timer that counts down. You will have to stand on each of these pressure plates whilst defeating waves of demons to successfully complete the task.

You have to complete each plate fully one by one otherwise it won’t count. 

Obelisk World Event rewards

This World Event has a randomised spawn time and takes place in multiple places within the Fractured Peaks. You are most likely to find it in the following areas and get these rewards:



Sarkova Pass

Greater Radiant Chest

Frigid Expanse

Murmuring Obols

Seat of the Heavens

Gold and Experience

For the Mastery Objective, you have to complete the above objective before the 100-second timer runs out. If you do this, it will improve the rewards you will earn for your efforts. Once you’re done, make sure any enemies left over are dead, and you will have completed the World Event. 

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