How to enable Diablo 4 FPS counter

How to enable Diablo 4 FPS counter
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25th May 2023 13:35

You'll want to know how to enable the Diablo 4 FPS counter, as it's a useful way to track your game's performance and how well it is running on your platform of choice. 

Diablo 4 is now around the corner from release, meaning players will soon be able to flood back into Sanctuary to experience the latest game in the iconic action role-playing franchise. With this latest game being such a big release, packed with content in a seamless open world and MMO-like elements, you may want to ensure it's running smoothly at all times. So, take a look at how to enable the Diablo 4 FPS counter. 

How to enable Diablo 4 FPS counter

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Enabling the Diablo 4 FPS counter is a simple process that requires you to press CTRL + R at the same time, which brings up the counter in the bottom left corner of the screen.

While most games make you root through the settings (or in some cases force you to use a client like Steam) to enable the FPS counter, Diablo 4 makes it easy to enable and disable with a macro. 

To turn the FPS counter back off, press CTRL + R again to bring up the ping counter, and then one more time to make the bottom of left of the screen blank again. 

Sadly, there seems to be no way of altering where the Diablo 4 FPS counter appears, so you can't move it to your preferred corner. You also can't enable both the FPS counter and ping counter at the same time, but options for these could be added at full release. 

Obviously, it goes without saying that you can't use this feature on consoles, at least from what we know of the beta builds. Again, this could be added upon the June 6 release. 

That's all for our explainer of how to enable the Diablo 4 FPS counter, and now you know exactly how to bring it up and check your performance.

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