How long is Diablo 4? Story length & Level 100 explained

How long is Diablo 4? Story length & Level 100 explained
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8th Jan 2024 13:32

If you are a new player looking to hop into the world of Diablo 4 but are wondering how long Diablo 4 is, its story length and how much time it takes to reach level 100 in the game, then you are at the right place. 

Diablo 4 is a huge game full of grind whose content can be divided into sections, each taking a different time to complete. So, keep reading our guide as we break down how long it takes to complete Diablo 4 and the different content it offers. 

How long is Diablo 4? 

Diablo 4 length
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When it comes to how long Diablo 4 is, the answer varies on a player-to-player basis as we have the main story, which takes around 25 hours for casual players to complete. 

Then we have the side quests, which add another 5 to 10 hours to the gameplay. The Seasonal Battle Pass is estimated to take around 80 hours, and then there's the end-game activities, the real grind for better gear, which can be done endlessly. 

Story length & Level 100 explained

As mentioned, the story length, aka Campaign, in Diablo 4 takes around 25 hours to complete. The game has six Acts, eight if you count the Prologue and Epilogue. 

Even if you are a casual player, enjoying the story, watching all the cutscenes, wandering around different locations, and talking to NPCs while having the main focus on the main story, it will roughly take you 25 to 35 hours to complete it.  

How long it takes to reach Level 100

While there are players who have reached level 100 in just 18 hours, for regular players only focusing on the XP grind, if you are efficient and use the different XP gain bonuses, you can reach level 100 in Diablo 4 in around 24 to 28 hours. 

Many players have also reported that they were casually playing the game and not focusing on levelling up, and they still managed to reach level 100 in around 62 hours, which contradicts what the Diablo 4 Associate Director, Joseph Piepiora, had said ahead of the game's release. 

Replying to a fan on Twitter, Joseph Piepiora said, "Reaching level 100 will take 150+ hours for the average player experience." Well! Joseph sure underestimated the average players of Diablo 4. 

Here is a summary of everything we have talked about:

  • Diablo 4 Story length: 25-35 hours
  • Diablo 4 Story + Side Quests length: 40-45 hours
  • Diablo 4 Story + Side Quests + Seasonal Battle Pass: 120-130 hours
  • The time it takes to reach level 100: 24 to 28 hours (Efficient farming), 60-65 hours (Casual)

That concludes our guide on How long is Diablo 4? Story length & Level 100 explained. While you are here, check out all Gems and their crafting costs and everything you need to know about Diablo 4's Vessel of Hatred expansion.

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