Diablo 4 character customisation explained: Can you change your appearance?

Diablo 4 character customisation explained: Can you change your appearance?
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13th Jun 2023 12:17

The Diablo 4 character customisation system is far more detailed than the previous games in the franchise, so you may want a quick primer on how it all works, and what it allows the player to do. 

Diablo 4 makes a lot of big changes to the series, while retaining the action role-playing game core that it popularised back in the late 90s. One of these big additions is the overhauled character creator that allows players to go wild with their imagination. So, take a look at our primer for the Diablo 4 character customisation system and details on changing your appearance during gameplay. 

How character creation works in Diablo 4

an image of some different character customisation presets in Diablo 4
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The Diablo 4 character customisation system gives players a full character creator suite where they can select their class and change their appearance

Previous Diablo games have let you customise characters, but these were mostly relegated to different presets that you could select and armours that you collect while playing.

You still have to select one of the five Diablo 4 classes before customisation begins, allowing you to choose a Barbarian, Sorceress, Rogue, Necromancer, or Druid. After this, you are thrown into the character creator, where you can change virtually every aspect of the character.

Just to name a few, you can alter your body shape, face type, hairstyles, facial hair, skin tones, and more. You can then add to this with different accessories like jewellery, makeup, and body paints

It's worth noting that you won't be able to make Squidward or Nigel Thornberry here, as the Diablo 4 character customisation is quite grounded in the medieval painting style that the game's aesthetic is inspired by.

The types of characters you can create will also vary by class, as for example, you cannot make a thin and lean Barbarian or a really buff Necromancer. This gives each class a unique look that you can further customise to be your own.

Can you change your appearance in Diablo 4?

an image of a wardrobe in Diablo 4, where you can customise your character
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Once you've created your character in Diablo 4 and set off into the world of Sanctuary, you won't be able to change your physical appearance again

However, by heading to any wardrobe in a city, you will be able to adjust your makeup, tattoos, and jewellery.

Outside of the character creator, you can still gather tonnes of armour and clothing to change how you look as well, and Diablo 4 has a transmog feature, so you don't need to sacrifice fashion for the buffs any new armour gives you.

That's all for our explainer of the Diablo 4 character customisation system, and now you know the types of changes you can make to your character's appearance when making them and throughout the game.

If you still haven't tried the game, check the Diablo 4 PC system requirements first.

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