Where to get Scattered Prism in Diablo 4

Where to get Scattered Prism in Diablo 4
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Hritwik Raj


28th Mar 2024 10:40

Scattered Prism is a rare crafting material in Diablo 4 that players require to add extra sockets to their equipment and add gems to enhance certain aspects. As important as the item is, finding it is more difficult as the game doesn't tell you where to get it. Seeing that, I'm here with a handy guide that explains where you can get Scattered Prism in Diablo 4. 

Where to get a Scattered Prisms

Diablo 4 Scattered Prism
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In Diablo 4, you can obtain Scattered Prism as drop loot from world bosses and Treasure Goblins. Apart from that, you can also salvage Legendary weapons in the game at any Blacksmith for a chance to obtain Scattered Prism. 

Among the three methods for obtaining Scattered Prism, farming world bosses and Treasure Goblins is somewhat easier than scrapping Legendary Weapons.

Of course, this is subjective, as Legendary drops are decent in high World Tier, and if you have a lot of the said rarity weapons, scrapping them for resources like Scattered Prism will mean nothing.

But since whether you get Scattered Prism or any other material depends on RNG, it is better to farm world bosses and Treasure Goblins and when you are not doing that, scrapping the legendaries that you won't be using will help you obtain Scattered Prism.

That being said, among the long list of world bosses, Avarice the Gold Cursed has the most consistent drop for Scattered Prism in Diablo 4. So, while we recommend farming every world boss when they appear on the map, ensure you don't miss out on Avarice. 

Cellar location in Diablo 4
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Now, as for Treasure Goblins, they randomly appear all around Sanctuary - but there is a way to spawn them more consistently. Head to the above-marked location in Nevesk and enter the Infested Cellar. 

It spawns Treasure Goblins and Spiders most of the time. If they don't spawn, you can exit out of the game to refresh the instance and re-enter it. But keep in mind, while this works for some players, many have farmed the Infested Cellar and haven't had the luck to spawn Treasure Goblins. 

That concludes our guide on where to get Scattered Prism in Diablo 4. While you are here, check out how to get Tibault's Will and how to farm Igneous Core.

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