The best dungeons to earn XP & level up quickly in Diablo 4

The best dungeons to earn XP & level up quickly in Diablo 4
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Farming XP in Diablo 4 can take you to level 100 much quicker than playing normally. Diablo 4 players have had plenty of time with Season 2, meaning the best methods for levelling your characters are well established by now.

Experience farms may be a dry way to play the game, but getting to max level in just a couple of hours is a hell of a prospect. Whether you are playing a Barbarian, Necromancer, Sorcerer, Rogue, or Druid, here is how to get them to the maximum level quickly.


Best dungeons for XP farming in Diablo 4

As much as we would love to give you a definitive list of the best dungeons to farm, the truth is that the answer changes on a regular basis. With regular changes being made to the game, the amount of experience gained per dungeon changes all the time.

This is largely to encourage players to play many dungeons, rather than spend dozens of hours grinding the same dungeon over and over. Still, while the absolute best dungeon may change day after day, there are a few that are consistently among the best.

Here is a list of dungeons that give great amounts of experience:

Dungeon Location
Mercy Reach Silvered Edgelands, north of Sarkova Pass, Fractured Peaks
Forbidden City Western Ways, northwest of Sarkova Pass, Fractured Peaks
Champion's Demise Eastern Untamed Scarps, southeast of the Temple of Rot, Dry Steppes
Domhaine Tunnels Strand, northeast of Cerrigar, Scosglen

Bouncing between these dungeons will net you huge amounts of experience, and will form the basis for how you will level your characters. However, there is an even greater source of experience that we can farm.

How to level fast in Season 2

Upon starting the game in Season of Blood, you will need to create a new character. Once you do, you will be given the option to skip the campaign. If you have not played the main campaign yet, you should probably go do that first on the eternal realm, as seasons are more suited for playing after you have done so.

Skip the campaign and you will start out in Kyovashad at level 1. If you are an experienced player or playing in a group, it would benefit you to jump right into World Tier 2, as the experience gains are higher. Also, if you have completed renown levels previously, they now carry forward through seasons, meaning you can instantly claim all the rewards upon starting a new character.

Your first tasks when setting out are to complete the seasonal questline, which you will be prompted to do, and start levelling up. The best sources of XP starting off are Legion Events which appear every 25 minutes, so prioritise those when they pop up. Otherwise, head for the designated Blood Harvest zone. This is a seasonal event that adds more monsters and objectives to a certain area, and as such increases your XP gains.

Ideally, you want to seek out Whisper Dungeons in Blood Harvest zones. These appear on the map with an icon that looks like a spiky red circle. These dungeons are important because they reward you with Grim Favors for completion, which are incredibly important for improving your character.

Focus on levelling until you unlock your class quest, which you need to complete to unlock all of the abilities of your character. This appears at level 15 for most classes (25 for Necromancer) and is vital, so get it done as soon as possible. Then, it's back to Blood Harvest, Whisper Dungeons, and Legion Events until you reach level 50.

Several Diablo 4 monsters with vampiric powers in Season 2
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At this point, you can complete the Capstone Dungeon and unlock World Tier 3. Once you do this, you can move up to WT3 and enter the endgame, where you can start running Helltide Events and Nightmare Dungeons.

We have more details on Nightmare Dungeons below, but the short version is you need the Grim Favors you have been stocking up to get into NDs. Previously, we would have recommended you enter the dungeon, clear out the regular enemies, then exit the dungeon and repeat. However, recognising how unfun that is, Blizzard has made changes so now you should just complete dungeons as normal and move on.

If you would prefer to go all-out on grinding, the dungeon you want is Domhaine Tunnels. You can use the old reset trick here if you like, but with the changes implemented with Season 2, the gains you get from brainlessly grinding are not as substantial as they once were. In other words, you can actually play the game now.

The last thing you can add to your XP farming as you hit around level 60 is to start taking on World Bosses. These have been significantly buffed so they are not the pushovers they once were, but the rewards for taking them down have also been massively increased.

Up until level 65, keep cycling between Helltide Events, Nightmare Dungeons, World Bosses, and basically whatever you find the most fun as XP gains have been massively increased across the board. At 65, you can take on the second Capstone Dungeon to unlock World Tier 4.

Once you complete it, bump yourself up to World Tier 4 and continue the process we have established so far until you reach level 100, or as close to it as you would like.

How to use Nightmare Dungeons to farm XP in Season of Blood

Nightmare Dungeons are beefed-up versions of the regular dungeons, with much stronger monsters and modifiers that amplify the difficulty.

In order to access a Nightmare Dungeon, you must first acquire the dungeon's specific Nightmare Sigil. These can be acquired by completing quests at the Tree of Whispers, but they can also be found in other Nightmare Dungeons and crafted by an Occultist.

With many more powerful monsters, Nightmare Dungeons are amazing sources of experience. However, they are not normally as repeatable as regular dungeons. There is a trick that allows you to access a Nightmare Dungeon multiple times and reset the monsters each time.

As mentioned above, while this trick works and can be a good way to grind, this trick is not nearly as useful as it used to be, and is not as efficient as completing Nightmare Dungeons properly.

The method starts with accessing a Nightmare Dungeon, preferably one of the dungeons on the list above (Uldur's Cave does not appear as a Nightmare Dungeon). As soon as you enter the Nightmare Dungeon, leave and head to any other dungeon. Enter that dungeon as normal, defeat a couple of enemies, and then leave it.

A player using an ice spell against several demons in Diablo 4
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Return to your Nightmare Dungeon and clear it out, barring the final boss. Make sure you do not kill the boss, just all of the other enemies for the experience. Now, exit the dungeon. You will then be able to re-enter the Nightmare Dungeon and find it repopulated with monsters that you can farm all over again.

This method can only be done solo, so you will have to be prepared to clear a Nightmare Dungeon by yourself. Also, bear in mind that this method is likely a bug and as such will probably be removed at some point. If this is the case, your best bet is to return to farming the top-tier dungeons in whichever order you choose and jump in a Nightmare Dungeon when they come up.

That is everything you need to know about farming experience in Diablo 4 and using Nightmare Dungeons with the Nightmare Sigils.

That will do it for our Diablo 4 Season 2 XP farming guide. For more, check out our Diablo 4 homepage, or check out our Fields of Hatred guide or how to enter the Abattoir of Zir.

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