How to get the Temptation Mount in Diablo 4

How to get the Temptation Mount in Diablo 4
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3rd Jul 2023 15:27

The DiabloTemptation Mount allows you to ride around on a seriously gross horse. Diablo 4 loves to revel in the gross and the demonic, and this particular mount is no exception. The Temptation Mount is one way to traverse the game in "style", but it doesn't come cheap. Here is everything you need to know to know about the Temptation Mount in Diablo 4.

What is the Temptation Mount in Diablo 4?

Art of the Temptation Mount in Diablo 4 from the ultimate edition
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The Temptation Mount is a frightful-looking horse mount that wears an exceptional amount of battle scars on its body. With fresh flesh showing through its broken skin, this truly gruesome mount looks like something out of a horror film.

It’s rumoured that the name derives from a passage in the Bible, “lead us not in temptation”. While this is not confirmed by Blizzard, we’re inclined to believe that it’s true given the religious themes that Diablo games have followed in the past.

With Diablo 4 switching to an open-world gameplay structure, it’s likely that players will be doing plenty of walking from one area to the next. Having something like the Temptation Mount will surely speed up the travelling process.

How do you get the Temptation Mount in Diablo 4?

All of the items included in the Diablo 4 ultimate edition, including the Temptation Mount
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Players can either fork out for the Digital Deluxe or the Ultimate Edition of Diablo 4, both of which come with bonus content that includes the Temptation Mount.

Sadly, this is the only one way to obtain the Temptation Mount in Diablo 4, with the cheapest method of getting the Temptation Mount being with the Digital Deluxe version, which is currently selling for £89.99.

Alternatively, you can purchase the Ultimate Edition for £99.99, which arrives with a few more digital items, including a Battle Pass with 20 tier skips and the Wings of the Creator emote.

That's all you need to know about getting the Temptation Mount in Diablo 4. Be sure to check out our Diablo homepage for all things relating to the world of Sanctuary, and to get more out of the game, check out how to get the Diablo 4 Twitch drops.

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