How to get the Starfall Coronet in Diablo 4

How to get the Starfall Coronet in Diablo 4
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28th Mar 2024 10:06

You must know how to get Starfall Coronet in Diablo 4 to create the perfect Meteor Sorcerer build. The Starfall Coronet is a Unique Helm in the game that players can use to enhance the Sorcerer's Meteor skill by adding extra charges to the ability and improving other Aspects. It's one of the key pieces of equipment for creating a build around the Meteor skill in Diablo 4.

How to get the Starfall Coronet

Glacial Fissure entrance in Diablo 4
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In Diablo 4, you can get the Starfall Coronet Unique Helm as a drop loot from regular and elite enemies and bosses in Tier 3 and above difficulty. While there is no guaranteed drop for the Starfall Coronet, the best way to improve your chances of obtaining it is by farming The Beast in the Ice boss

The Beast in the Ice is a boss you encounter at the end of the Glacial Fissure dungeon, which you can access using the Glacial Fissure Nightmare Sigil.

That being said, the Starfall Coronet is one of the many Unique rarity rewards in the boss's loot pool. While the drop still depends on RNG, it is better than farming random mobs and elite enemies. 

Glacial Fissure location in Diablo 4
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Now, as for the Glacial Fissure dungeon's location, you can find it southeast of Kyovstad. To make things easier for you, we have shared its exact location in the above map screenshot. 

How to craft Glacial Fissure Nightmare Sigil

Glacial Fissure Nightmare Dungeon Sigial crafting in Diablo 4
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You can craft the Glacial Fissure Nightmare Sigil using the below items in Diablo 4:

  • Distilled Fear x9 
    • Obtained from Nightmare Dungeons at Tier 4
  • Sigil Power x250
    • Obtained from scrapping Nightmare Sigils

Once you have the items, head to an Occultist and interact to open the crafting menu and navigate to the 'Craft Sigils' section. Now, select the 'Ancestral' option and you will find the Glacial Fissure Sigil in the list. 

Craft it and use it from the character menu to open a portal to the Glacial Fissure Nightmare Dungeon. 

That concludes our guide on how to get Starfall Coronet in Diablo 4. While you are here, check out how to get Tibault's Will and how to farm Igneous Core.

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