Best Sorcerer build in Diablo 4 for levelling & endgame in Season 3

Best Sorcerer build in Diablo 4 for levelling & endgame in Season 3
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The Sorcerer is a magical, glass cannon of a class in Diablo 4, and with the third season, Season of the Construct now underway, building your character in the best possible way is a surefire method of ensuring you're best primed to dive into all of the new content on offer.

With a new companion arriving in Season 3 alongside Vaults - and its Nightmare variants - to dive into and explore, you'll find the best builds for both the game's levelling and endgame content below.

Best Sorcerer build in Diablo 4 Season 3

Currently, one of the best builds you can use as a Sorcerer for levelling in Season 3 is still the Firewall build, which remains the same following Season of Blood. As the name suggests, this revolves around using pyromancy as your main type of damage to burn your enemies to the ground.

Luckily, the Sorcerer is very good at this.

A Sorcerer casting a wall of fire in Diablo 4
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Below, you'll find all of the Active and Passive skills you will need to equip as you level up your Sorcerer. 

Note: Next to some of the skills shown below, you'll see some entries have a range of between 1-5 beside the ability name - this is the number of times you need to spec into that particular skill.

Firewall Sorcerer levelling build

Active Skills list

Ability Type Active Ability
Mastery Firewall 5/5)
Defensive Flame Shield (1/5)
Defensive Teleport (1/5)
Defensive Ice Armour (1/5)
Defensive Frost Nova (5/5)
Basic Arc Lash 1/5
Ultimate Inferno

These Active skills cover both offence and defence, allowing the Sorcerer to put out tonnes of AoE damage while keeping themself safe from damage and crowd control effects. 

Passives, are equally important to consider too, as will help to increase things like the amount of Mana you have, increase the amount of healing you can do, and tweak certain effects for your Active abilities:

Passive Skills list

Ability Type Passive Ability
Basic Enhanced Arc Lash
Conjuration Align the Elements (1/3)
Conjuration Mana Shield (3/3)
Conjuration Protection (3/3)
Core Fireball (2/5) 
Core Enhanced Fireball
Core Greater Fireball
Defensive Enhanced Flame Shield
Defensive Shimmering Flame Shield
Defensive Enhanced Teleport
Defensive Shimmering Teleport
Defensive Enhanced Ice Armour
Defensive Enhanced Frost Nova
Defensive Mystical Frost Nova
Defensive  Glass Cannon (3/3)
 Mastery Enhanced Firewall
 Mastery Mage's Firewall
Mastery Inner Flames (3/3)
Mastery Crippling Flames (3/3)
Ultimate  Prime Inferno
Ultimate Supreme Inferno
Ultimate Endless Pyre (2/3)
Ultimate Fiery Surge (1/3)
Ultimate Hoarfrost (3/3)
Ultimate  Permafrost (1/3)
Ultimate Warmth (3/3)
Key Passive Combustion

Stat priorities for Firewall Sorcerer build

Here's a selection of key stat bonuses to be on the lookout for, covering weapons, focus, armour, and accessories:

  • Armour
  • Damage reduction
  • Cooldown reduction
  • Critical strike chance
  • Critical strike damage
  • Mana cost reduction
  • Intelligence, damage over time, general damage stats
  • Resistances

Since you're going with a fire build, you'll want to make sure that you're picking up weapons and armour that focus on increasing damage over time.

Not only that, but you'll want to focus on getting some mana cost reduction and cooldown reduction so that you can spam your damage spells a bit more.

Best Gems for Sorcerers

There are a fair few different socketable items available in Diablo 4, but for your armour, you're going to want to take Rubies, as they will help to boost your maximum health when used with those pieces. For your jewellery, you'll want Skulls, as they give you an increase in armour stat when placed here.

Image of different Gems in Diablo 4
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When socketing weapons, you want to use Amethysts because they'll help you increase your DoT stat. Of course, there are better variants of each of these up to 'Royal' versions, but socket the variant that is currently available to you during the levelling process.

Season of the Construct Tuning & Governing Stones

The new companion of Season of the Construct is a Seneschal Construct, and the newly added Governing and Tuning Stones can be used to improve certain parts of how they operate - even adding boosts to your own character. 

Currently, we'd recommend that you use the Flash of Adrenaline Governing Stone, as it will boost your damage further temporarily. 

  • The Tactical, Duration, Safeguard, and Fortify Tuning Stones are all great choices to go alongside Flash of Adrenaline.
  • Tactical will decrease the cooldown, while duration increases the skill's length by four seconds
  • Safeguard will apply a bit of damage reduction - which can be useful as a Sorcerer - and Fortify bestows, well, Fortify when the supported skill is used

Best Sorcerer endgame build for Season 3

The Firewall build scales excellently throughout the levelling process of Diablo 4, and this remains the same in the endgame - meaning that you don't need to change anything from the Active and Passive skills.

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Once you reach this point, it's all about those incremental improvements by finding increasingly more powerful items or utilising your Paragon Board points to increase your character's stats to provide better buffs to your character.

Sorcerer using the Inferno skill in Diablo 4
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This remains true in Season 3 as well, making this build perfect if you want to take on all of the toughest challenges the game offers within its new content.

We used a variety of resources including Maxroll and IcyVeins, as well as our own experience with the game when putting this build together.

How good is the Sorcerer class in Season 3?

According to our tier list, the Sorcerer is still an incredibly viable class as we head into Diablo 4's third season.

Sitting in the A-tier for both solo and endgame play, it's a great class despite being a class cannon and can make for a brilliant pairing if you're venturing out into Sanctuary alongside a group of friends.

Now that you know how to build your Sorcerer in Season 3 of Diablo 4, you'll want to check out our Diablo homepage for guides on whether to skip the campaign, or if it's a dead game.

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