How to find all the Helltide Mystery Chests Diablo 4

How to find all the Helltide Mystery Chests Diablo 4
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The Helltide event can be pretty intense when you are traversing it in Diablo 4, and trying to collect as many Aberrant Cinders as you can in order to open the chests to get better gear from the Mystery chests you open.

These Mystery Chests are not the same as the ones you would open up in a Helltide event, these chests are hidden away in certain areas of the map. Here is where you can find all of the Helltide Mystery Chests in the game.

Where to find all Helltide Mystery Chests in Diablo 4

There are quite a few Helltide Mystery Chests, and they are spread out across every region in Sanctuary. If you want to collect them, be prepared to have a lot of Aberrant Cinders available, as they can be quite pricey. These chests will also only appear on the map when you are nearby, so don’t be surprised if they aren’t coming up. 

Scosglen Mystery Chests

Starting with Scosglen, there are eight Tortured Gifts of Mystery that you can find. They will require you to travel all across Scosglen, so make sure you have all of the waypoints, as you’ll need them.

  • The first chest can be found on a small island with a shipwreck, on the Abandoned Coast. This Abandoned Coast is on the West Side of Northshore. If you’re traveling from a waypoint, you’ll want to travel from Marowen
  • The second chest requires you to travel through the Cursed Scarps into Fothrach Castle, where you’ll find a chest within the ruins. The best waypoint to travel from is Marowen or Braestaig
  • The third chest is near the Sunken Ruins dungeon in Stormbreak Cove. To get here, you can travel from Braestaig waypoint
  • The fourth chest is south of Marowen, where you travel through the Scourging Ings and eastward into Writhing Brook
  • You can find the fifth chest if you exit Tul Dulra and head north into the Ancients’ Woods until you see the chest on your minimap
  • From the main waypoint in Scosglen, you’ll want to travel past the narrow path into the Kotama Grasslands. There will be a sixth chest close to the Webbed Lode Cellar in Vasily’s Reach
  • From the main bridge in Tul Dulra, go past the narrow path and make a slight right where you’ll find the seventh chest in an alcove

The easiest way to find the eighth chest is to travel from Farobru, head north, make a right and then make another right when the path winds until it changes to Issalia’s Rise. There will be an alcove where you will find it.

Fractured Peaks’ Mystery Chests

  • Two of these chests appear in the Forsaken Quarry and the Black Asylum, whilst the other two chests can be found near Mercy’s Reach
  • First, travel from Menestad and head towards the Mercy’s Reach dungeon. There will be a path for you to take on your left, that will lead to the Frosty Mine cellar. As you’re heading there, you’ll see the chest appear
  • Again, travel from Menestad and head north until you see a path on the left. Once you do, take the next right, and it should lead you to a chest
  • From Kyovashad, take the east exit, and turn left as soon as you come out of the gate. There, you’ll find an Altar of Lilith, as well as a Mystery Chest.
  • Instead of taking a left out of the east exit in Kyovashad, take a right instead. This chest is next to the Immortal Emanation dungeon

Dry Steppes Mystery Chests

  • Where the Helltide ends, between the Onyx Watchtower and the Hidden Overlook waypoints, you’ll find the first chest
  • In the middle of the Crucible of Cinder, there is a small bank that you will have to climb on top of. There, you’ll find the second chest
  • Head eastward from Jirandai and there will be a chest by Alzuuda’s field of Hatred
  • Head west into Jirandai into Desolation’s Reach. You may hear Zarozar the Mighty asking why no one will challenge him. If you do, that means you’re in the correct place

Kehjistan Mystery Chests

  • There will only ever be three chests active at a time, but there are seven chests in total that you can find in Kehjistan. 
  • Head from the Altar of Ruin to the bottom of the West Coast, and you’ll find the first chest
  • From either the Altar of Ruin or the Iron Wolves Encampment, look for the sliver of land where the Amber Sands and Ragged Coastline meet. This will take you to an area called the Dimmed Grotto, where you’ll find a Mystery Chest
  • Head south from the third chest, and you’ll find this chest in an alcove
  • Going from the Altar of Ruin, head south and there should be a chest on top of a hill. The hill will be easy to spot on the map
  • Near the middle of the Ragged Coastline, travel to Uldur’s Cave and there you’ll find another chest
  • The shoreline below Gea Kul houses a chest on the far west side of the shoreline
  • Take the south exit out of Gea Kul and head in a straight line. Take a right once you are in Hakan’s Oasis. Go to the south of that area and you will find another chest

Hawezar Mystery Chests

  • Starting from Wejinhani, head towards Margrave. However, before you reach the Fractured Peaks, make a right. This chest will be past the Margrave waypoint, near the Heathen’s Keep dungeon
  • From Wejinhani, head to the left until you hit Pilgrim’s Cave. Climb up the wall to go further into the cave, and the chest will be by the Feeding Den cellar
  • Going from either Vyeresz or Rakhat Keep, there will be a bridge in the middle of Fethis Wetlands. Cross the bridge into the Moors, and you’ll find the chest on the Moors side of the bridge
  • From Vyeresz, head into southwest Fethis Wetlands just before you reach the Fields of Desperation. Look for a chest near an Altar of Lilith and the Cursed Cabin Cellar


Mystery Chest rewards in Diablo 4

Locked cellar door in Diablo 4
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These particular chests cost 175 Aberrant Cinders to open when you do find them, and have the chance to drop 2-5 Legendary Items, or Sacred or Ancestral items depending on the world tier you are playing on. They are worth the cost, but it doesn't necessarily mean that the items will be of any use to you when you get them. 

These are all of the Mystery Chests you can find in Diablo 4. There are a lot of them, but keep in mind in the areas that have more than three, you are unlikely to find more than that at any one time in that area.

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