Which cache should I choose from the Tree of Whispers in Diablo 4?

Which cache should I choose from the Tree of Whispers in Diablo 4?
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17th Jul 2023 17:08

Diablo 4 Tree of Whispers' caches are an excellent way to stock up on powerful gear and fill out your build. Diablo 4 does not end when you complete the campaign, you will still have many levels to gain and World Tiers to unlock.

A major part of the game post-campaign is the Tree of Whispers, which tasks you with completing bounties and gathering Grim Favours. It can be confusing to figure out exactly how you should spend those Grim Favours, so here is everything you need to know about which cache to choose from the Tree of Whispers in Diablo 4.

Which cache should I pick from the Tree of Whispers in Diablo 4?

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While each cache at the Tree of Whispers in Diablo 4 will offer different rewards based on the name, you should usually pick the Greater Collection caches as they offer a guaranteed Legendary item

Every time you offer 10 Grim Favours to the Tree of Whispers, you will get the choice of three caches. These are randomly generated and can be Normal or Greater Collection caches.

There is a chance that you will get a Legendary from a Normal Collection, however, it is not guaranteed. The only reason really to choose the Normal Collection is if you are looking for a specific type of gear.

Most collections will tell you which item type it contains, like a Collection of Gauntlets, or a Collection of Two-Handed Weapons. You are guaranteed to get an item of the type shown, so if that type of item is what you need for your build, you might want to roll the dice with that collection.

If there are no Great Collection caches to choose from, you'll just need to select the Normal cache that stands out the most. You'll still get some solid gear, and the extra gems, gold, and materials are worth the Grim Favor cost.

How often can you do Tree of Whispers in Diablo 4?

Screenshot of completing the Whispers of the Dead quest in Diablo 4 to gain Grim Favours
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In short, the Tree of Whispers is repeatable as often as you like. As soon as you cash in your Grim Favours for a cache of items, you can immediately set about gathering more Grim Favours for another one. There is no time limit, you do not have to wait for a reset to do it again.

If you are looking at the bounties currently available and are unimpressed by them, you can wait for those to change. Typically the bounties reset every hour and a half, so you can wait it out for a fresh batch.

That is it for choosing caches with Grim Favours at the Tree of Whispers in Diablo 4. For more, check out our Diablo 4 homepage, or how to get & use Malignant Hearts in Diablo 4 for more tips and tricks.

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