Diablo 4 Aspects: Do they stack?

Diablo 4 Aspects: Do they stack?
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Amy Eastland


7th Sep 2023 11:48

Aspects are a huge part of Diablo 4 and they can change how much damage you receive and deal, as well as how much health you have. They can affect many more elements than that, but those are just some of the baseline stats that they can contribute to.

However, they aren’t always well-explained in the game. If you want to know whether Diablo 4 Aspects stack, make sure to keep reading on for more information.

Can you equip more than one Aspect in Diablo 4?

Inarius and his army in Diablo 4, of which you can equip more than one Aspect
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The short answer is yes, you can equip more than one Aspect. Each piece of equipment can have one Legendary Aspect on it, so you can’t stack them on one piece of equipment.

However, you can have multiple spread out across different pieces of equipment. This means you can have one on your helmet, chest piece, legs, and weapons if you want to.

Imprinting an Aspect onto a rare item automatically upgrades it to Legendary, so make sure you’re certain that is what you want when you do that. 

Do the same Aspects stack in Diablo 4?

Lava splash Diablo 4, the game of which the same Aspects do not stack
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No, the same Aspects do not stack in Diablo 4. You would never be able to equip the same Aspect twice if you happened to get it again through multiple means.

For example, let's say if one Aspect dropped in a dungeon and you then had a weapon that had it imprinted. Next in that scenario, you had it extracted to have it imprinted on something else, you wouldn’t then be able to use your spare Aspect on another piece of gear.

You’d have to choose it for one or the other. 

That being said, different aspects in the same category synergise with each other. So, make sure to experiment with them and see what builds - like the best endgame builds - are out there on the horizon for you depending on what class you are playing. 

That’s all you need to know about Aspects in Diablo 4, now being aware if you can equip more than one Aspect or if you can stack multiples of the same.

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